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Java Generics helps to introduce more type safe code and develop more generic algorithms which are more reusable and generate less runtime errors. I have used a very simple example to explain why we need Generics in java

code used in the video –

arraylist java
string array java
array class java
multidimensional array java
array length java
dynamic array java
2d array java
print array java
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  • How to get size of an array

  • I was hoping you would explain two dimensional arrays

  • your quality of teaching is so impressive …u tougth practically all the concept…:)

  • Your teaching is simple and easy to understand. I am new to the software and do not have any kind of knowledge. But this tutorial is where i am learning all about java. Thank you!!!

  • i learned more of this video than my whole ap computer science class

  • It didn't given me any error even after using 6

  • To avoid the problem of going over the number of values in your array, use (nameofarray).length in the comparison.

  • are nahi array -_- chutiye

  • how can I declare id number

  • did bachelor of computer applications and learned shit
    watched your vids made a calculator in like 2mins

  • Hey bro .first i wanna thank you for your efforts made on java…. i wanna know how can use view

  • most of these arguments are appeals to emotion rather than actual arguments.

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  • sir i had a program in java language
    here is the problem is i want to display asterisks (*) for my password instead of digits or alphabets
    in console without using GUI

    plz help me quick

  • if you don't want to have to figure out the how long your array is, or if your array keeps changing, you can just replace the number with (myIntArray.length) and it will always execute until the end of the array: while(index < myIntArray.length) {System.out.println(myIntArray[index];
    index++; }
    But he will probably cover this in a later video, He is doing a good job.

  • your teaching style is awesome … thank you sir …….

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  • years and years without understand what the hell an array is… until I found this lesson

  • Thank you for video. 🙂

    Please add Collections tutorial.

  • great job. I agree with Rupesh can you please add Collections tutorial? it's the only thing missing. Thanks Bro

  • Thanks for the video. Nice intoduction.

  • Excellent tutorial! thanks

  • Hi thanks for the explanation but I have a question:
    Why don't we ceate a superclass called Liquid which both Juice and Water inherits and make the Glass.liquid the type Liquid. Doesn't this approach also solves this problem? What was the reason Java devs didn't stick to this approach and introduced Generics?

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