Going to School or Learning Web Design on Your Own?

www.mlwebco.com – In this video I talk about my thoughts on whether you should go to school or learn web design on your own.

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  • what a about if your son doesn’t want to be a web designer or the next mark zuckerberg…

  • awesomeee

  • I agree completely with you about school. Thanks for keeping it real!!!!

  • I agree, though web design in general can land you in agencies that have people & social opportunity, it not always the “Freelance” route where you’re mostly work by yourself.

  • I definitely have similar feelings on the issue. I also think that it depends some on the type of person. Some people need to learn things from others, others are driven to learn things themselves. The danger of being self-taught is to not be well rounded.

    Of course, being entrepreneurial is way easier without debt. Yes, maybe your starting wages aren’t high, but they don’t need to be.

    One distinction with your son though is, he is educated by you though. So, in a way, he is going to school.

  • great points from the masta 

  • Hi Michael,
    My name is Richard Fabre, your student so to speak from the Philippines.I really admire you since then and love the way you teach us web designing.Thank you so much for your advice.I
    think you have answered my question on my mind whether I should go to school or not .
    You are really great. I hope someday I could be like you,very inspiring! Thank you so much again! takecare….:-)))))))

  • …wise words.

  • I have a five year old, step grandchild that is already better on the computer then my bestfriend. So you can start teaching them as so as YOU are ready because they WILL learn. That’s what children do. Thanx so much for all your videos, they really help.

  • Never think of it for the money , seriusly NEVER!! hehe , about my eyes and my leg they were trained for this since like i had 10 years old hehehe (still no glasses or wheelchair ), and about my social skills……. they need a little extra work , but i am on it :b.

  • Well, it is up to you to make the decision whether to go to school or not and it is not about beating the system it is about learning the proper way. Web design is one of the few careers where you don’t need a degree to succeed, however a degree will certainly help.

  • At school, you won’t learn only from teachers, but learn from you classmates and things around you.
    You learn to be with the society, through your observation.
    Are you really 100% self-confident when you never mix with people?
    People teach us.
    ….Hi Mike! from a Thai follower….

  • I am BOTH.. i actually am happy to have a degree because even though you say its not required it is good for your resume. it realy did help me peek on my design and sharpen my skills. no regrets. i agree with a lot because i did spend more on both, but it was well worth it. a diploma means a lot!! its not only an accomplishment but it is support. both are needed. but i would stop at an AS. its not needed unless you seek other levels of design.

  • You better love what you do. Don’t just get into web design for the money. Because there’s plenty of other types of jobs you could learn. Web design requires a lot of butt and back aches. Trust me, after 5 years of sitting in that chair you may need a wheelchair. And your eyes will be squinting even when your not at your monitor. Your social skills will also be challenged. Think twice before going forward.

  • I agree. It’s incredibly difficult to find clients. It’s not for everyone. Better off working for a company IMO.

  • Nope. Sorry. We live in horrible times right now. America doesn’t want most of its citizens educated anymore. It is no longer important. They only want the rich and privileged among us to get an education. Mike is right on here. This is the way to beat the American system.

  • Hey Mike! Totally agree! Ive been to college in the UK and learnt the hard way haha. Ill be advising the same to my children in time. Great advice!

  • AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I can’t wait for the day when people stop going into debt for educations that qualify them for NOTHING! Wish I’d known…

  • 3:00 – 3:14 TRUTH. I don’t know about ruling the world, but we want to learn it ASAP.

  • Its seems to me that you were not a very attentive student because Mike stated that you should go to school! Start the video @ 2:24 and do some remedial training.

  • I’m also a self learner, school is a waste of money and time on things you won’t need nor use. Degree helps to get jobs sure, but for me school is only a waste of time. But to each it’s own.

  • How about doing both! Going to school and learning on your own. Cheers, Ramon.

  • Hey Mike, I don’t think what worked for you is going to work for everyone else. You should encourage people, specially kids, to go to school and get a degree. Going to school is building the platform you need to start your own business, whether is web design or any other career. You also build relationships with people in the same field which eventually will help you in the future.

  • You’re absolutely right!! Thanks for this video!!!