Google AdSense Record Earnings – $5974

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The Google AdSense SEO Guide

Discover strategies for improving your search engine listings and generating more revenue with Google AdSense. Joel Comm discusses how search engines work, what smart pricing means to your SEO efforts, how to choose keywords, building links to gain page rank and an SEO problem checklist. 30-page PDF.

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  • just a question: One of the persons im subscribed to had there adsense taken away because someone click bomb them. Can you prevent that from happening? has that happen to you?

  • @kingatowning same here i havent made anything but i can ant thats the point

  • oooooooooh damn if i could just make 500 dollard per month vi would be really really happy plz plz send me some real secrets to do i really need the money my family is poor so i need to make some money my self

  • Does google custom search automatically merge itself with your current adsense account? or do you have to do something extra?

  • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get thru all your video’s….I for sure should be making MORE money….my blog gets 10,000 hits on most days BUT I just now started making $100 monthly…NEED to figure out what I’m doing wrong…Thank you!

  • I’m definitely a newbie so thanks for all the info! It really is helping me a lot.

  • love your channel. thank you for being here.

  • what is a great website to create a website

  • i just started yesterday and i got close to a dollar already

  • is there any tricks to earn more money from youtube with adsense?

  • I work and stuff like this but not on websites, I do strictly youtube but still not much. Every view/subscriber is more important to me than money ever is (was).

  • It is very difficult to make any money with AdSense. They disqualify people without any reasonable explanation or warning.

  • HI there ma’am… You inspired me with your teaching.. I a newbie in using blog but I have not enough traffic to my website.. Can you help set this up…

  • @lisa3876 Hey, i have one question. Is it possible to get the money in the cellphone instead of the credit card? Becase i don’t have a credit card, but i really want to get money from my website

  • hey there, i have just had my video monetized, and do i get adds for people that just click on the advert next to my video or if they just view it? thanks very much, and if you could give me some tips because i’m a music artist and there’s not many video’s on music artists with monetization..

  • @lisa3876 Lisa i need to ask you something, can you please put up my ads in your website and i will give you 40% of my earnings. Reply back with a decision

  • Lisa, I believe you!

  • HELP PLEASE… In my Google AdSense account it says
    Your application is still being reviewed You will see only the background of your webpage instead of live content ads until your account has been fully approved. A been like this for 3months now what should i do??

  • Nice.. :)

  • Lisa, I love your video! You just inspired me to go harder. I have only been in the adsense program for a little over a month and a half. Only made a few hundred dollars so far, but I hope to get to your status one day. Can you take a look at my blog and tell me what you think please? …..

  • @ItzTheDean yeah but at the minute i’m in the middle of making a website 🙂 I can’t wait to try this out!

  • Congratulations! I remember when I first broke this mark. I was just shy of $10,000 in September.

  • @shamin40 Go to my blog(dot)2createawebsite(dot)com On 11/17/2011 I posted my record earnings for the day which was $365.

  • @lisa3876 can you make current please. that will inspire us to work more 😉

  • are there any people under 18 using this, and still make money?