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This video discusses the algorithm changes made by Google. This is also another video editing attempt of mine to use the green screen. I still suck at it. Anyway…the lyrics are below: The SEO Rapper, back with another one, Pay attention this time you might learn something dedicated to my online marketers spending all day looking at monitors First page aim I get it in mayne had Google tamed til the algorithm change algorithm change? yeah a algorithm change for the past few years they changed up the game what you talking about tell me how to get it in let me take you back, 2010 local listing, Google Places became part of search engine result pages that was April, man you gotta see everybody wanna be A – G in June came Google caffeine it increased Googles website crawl speed Google Instant came in September everybody was panicing, remember then they switch gears and focused on landing pages November Instant Previews initiated Social Signal was added in December your rank influenced by Facebook and Twitter there was more changes in 2011 you know em? I remember about 6 or 7 Attribution, updater January try to stop content scrapers they released Panda in February messed up a whole bunch of people very scary messed up who, not me because you have good content and quality they released Farmer in that same month hurting people using content farms, huh? in March they tried to get social right +1 button similar to a facebook like put it on the serp page next to the listing so you

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