Google Analytics For Social Media

www.googlingsocial.com Top Google Analytics expert Daniel Waisberg shows us how to track, test and listen to social media with the new tools Google just rolled out.

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Get the latest information about using the #1 web analytics tool from this fully updated guide

Google Analytics is the free tool used by millions of web site owners to assess the effectiveness of their efforts. Its revised interface and new features will offer even more ways to increase the value of your web site, and this book will teach you how to use each one to best advantage. Featuring new content based on reader and client requests, the book helps you implement new methods and concepts, track social and mobile visitors, use the new multichannel funnel reporting features, understand which filters to use, and much more.

  • Gets you up and running with all the new tools in the revamped Google Analytics, and includes content requested by readers and users especially for new GA users
  • Covers social media analytics features, advanced segmentation displays, multi-dashboard configurations, and using Top 20 reports
  • Provides a detailed best-practices implementation guide covering advanced topics, such as how to set up GA to track dynamic web pages, banners, outgoing links, and contact forms
  • Includes case studies and demonstrates how to optimize pay-per-click accounts, integrate AdSense, work with new reports and reporting tools, use ad version testing, and more

Make your web site a more effective business tool with the detailed information and advice about Google Analytics in Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, 3nd Edition.

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  • @MslleaneSpeaks – Daniel was awesome, and yes, AWeber’s link just timed out and broke for my in my own email, moving all tracking to Google Analytics and using the deep data segregation  via Daniel!

  • I learned so much from Daniel in this video. This is my 3 time watching and I’m still finding new insights. I agree about having all of your accounts under one profile, I have combined as many of them as I can. Until Google changes their policy I can’t get my AdSense linked up with my Gmail. The good thing is I can still connect it to Google Analytics, but if it was any other Google property I would have major headaches. btw – Aweber link worked fine yesterday – but it broke this morning…

  • Much thanks to Daniel Waisberg for this AWESOME lowdown on the new Google+ reports and a terrific view on social media reports in Google Analytics…

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  • Can someone tell me how to participate in these discussions in the future please – am new to hangouts – thanks.

  • I need adsense channel

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  • +Chris Lang – Slow connection here. Hope I can watch this later in your YouTube profile.