Google Analytics For WordPress Plugin – Configuration Guide

www.doncrowther.com – how to configure Joost de Valk’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. Now you can know amazing amounts of information about the visitors to your WordPress blog by putting the full power of the free Google Analytics program to work. This video covers configuring the program to get tons of additional information you couldn’t get otherwise out of your analytics setup. To learn how to do the initial installtion of this plugin, watch the Google Analytics for WordPress – Installation Guide video in this profile, which walks you through installing the plugin, creating an Analytics profile for your blog and hooking them together.

Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity

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Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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  • Great video bro!, thanks a lot

  • Fantastic tutorial! I wanted to exclude internal visits from G-Analytics, thanks to your tutorial, I was easily able to do just that. Keep up the great work, your helping quite alot of newbies out here. Cheers! 

  • sorry, checked again, had out of date plugin
    problem solved

  • When I checked “Show advanced settings” nothing happened, I also used the button “Update Google Analytics Settings” but still nothing. I cannot see the option that appear in your video. What did I miss ? I have the same plugin…