Google Analytics: Real Time Stats Preview

Google Analytics have this last week released their ‘Real Time Stats’ for some users. In this video I preview how it looks and works.

Performance Marketing with Google Analytics: Strategies and Techniques for Maximizing Online ROI

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Google Analytics is a free tool used by millions of Web site owners across the globe to track how visitors interact with their Web sites, where they arrive from, and which visitors drive the most revenue and sales leads. This book offers clear explanations of practical applications drawn from the real world.

The author trio of Google Analytics veterans starts with a broad explanation of performance marketing and gets progressively more specific, closing with step-by-step analysis and applications.

  • Features in-depth examples and case studies on how to increase revenue from search advertising, optimize an existing website, prioritize channels and campaigns, access brand health and more
  • Discusses how to communicate with a webmaster or developer to assist with installation
  • Addresses Google’s conversion-oriented tools, including AdWords and AdSense, Google trends, Webmaster tools, search-based keyword tools, and more
  • Touches on brand tracking studies, usability research, competitive analysis, and statistical tools

Throughout the book, the main emphasis is demonstrating how you can best use Google Analytics to achieve your business objectives.

Foreword by Avinash Kaushik

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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  • i like real-time too. i wish my site had as many visiters as yours

  • It would be great if I had enough traffic for that to actually be useful to me in

  • Great video i had no idea about this Thumbs up!

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  • i had this feature about 1 week ago

  • Update: So it looks like all I had to do was to make the new analytics my default and voila. I was looking at the new version, but never made it my default.

  • @darrenrowse I don’t see that link so it is limited. Impressive stats @Darrenrowse, my dream would be to get to your level :-).

  • Chartbeat has been doing this for awhile….and, truthfully, it’s a better experience.

  • 6 weeks ago for others..

  • Your stats are freaking impressive! (real time or not)

  • Excellent, Looking forward to putting it to use when it rolls out to all users. It does lend itself to “gratuitous tweaking” though…

  • That’s cool, thanks for sharing that with us Darren!

  • I want that!

  • Google Analytics is available to all – but from what I can tell the ‘real time stats’ are still limited to some. At least they were yesterday.

  • Darren, after reading about this in a book I googled “Google Analytics” and signed up. You don’t need an invite.