Google Analytics Tutorial 1: Setup

Set up Google Analytics in 10 minutes or less.

Google Analytics, 3rd Edition

Get the most out of the free Google Analytics service—and get more customers

Google Analytics allows you to discover vital information about how end users interact with their Web sites by collecting vital data and providing tools to analyze it, with the intention of improving the end-user experience and, ultimately converting users into customers. This indispensible guide delves into the latest updates to the newest version of Google Analytics—3.0—and explains the concepts behind this amazing free tool.

You’ll discover what information to track, how to choose the right goals and filters, techniques for reading Google Analytics reports and graphs, and, most importantly, how to compile this data and use it to improve your Web site and attract more potential customers.

  • Takes an in-depth look at Google Analytics 3.0 and walks you through the possibilities it offers
  • Explains how to read Google Analytics reports and graphs so that you can compile this data and use it to improve your Web site and attract more users
  • Shares techniques for converting end users into customers
  • Features tips and suggestions for getting the information you need from Google Analytics reports and then converting that information into actionable tasks you can use

With Google Analytics, Third Edition, you&’ll be well on your way to retrieving the information you need to convert visitors to your site into customers!

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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  • umm, could you have done this in Lower resolution ?

  • Very nice thanks allot 

  • I am not getting the space to paste that code .Can any buddy please guide me at which place i have to paste code.

  • I dont have a website . What do I need to put ?

  • Thank you so much sir. This was very helpful to me 😀

  • On my page I walk you through a step-by-step process of intalling Google Analytics in about 4 minutes. I will show you where to post the code and how to filter your own IP address so it doesn’t your views! 🙂

  • I’ve never been good at understanding licenses even in my native language let alone in English. So I would really really really appreciate if anybody could briefly translate that whole license for me 😀

    Simply put – may you use Google analytics in the same way you use Google mail 😀 awesome, free and you’re not obligated to pay anything, nor you’ll be sued for anything as long as you just do your thing maintain your site diligently and honestly :D?

    I would really appreciate the answer! 😀

  • zzzzzzzz… i don’t hear you… zzzzzzzzzzz

  • cool thanks saw wath is the code for? wath is the diference
    if you have the Iweb seo tool?
    or you dont

  • SO typical….I am here looking for the step-by-step and you take me through the stupid stuff like a child—okay, this looks good—and then the hard part (where the F$%@@ do I put the stupid snippet of code) you breeeze over and just do it.

    Like I needed you to walk me through the email and password section. typical web-developer—-they almost don’t want to show you how easy it is—–how bout this–I just put the stupid code anywhere into the template and see how it works out.

  • I dont think ive ever heard anyone as loud as this guy…. ZZZzzz…..

  • ur voice too quiet

  • lol all this and then you don’t say where in the gobldegook you put the code

  • Thank you!!! Very helpful 🙂

  • terrible audio

  • Hi
    i just put in that long code thing in the template of my blogger blog
    and when I get into the google analytics overview it says the status of my blog tracking is “tracking unknown”
    can you help please, is this normal?

  • Thanks for this video. It helped me to set it up.

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  • my websit is still in development

    how do i enable it for a localhost

  • how do you get to templates? do you go to your web page first?

  • i too need to know answer to this question?