Help Desk Hangouts On Air: Google Analytics

You’re looking to grow your business, and we offer a ton of tools to help you do just that. But sometimes, you need a little help learning all the options and getting started. On the Google+ Your Business page, we’re hosting a new series of Help Desk Hangouts On Air to put you in touch with teams who can help you get the most out of our products and features. This week’s Hangout: Getting started with Google Analytics. Here’s how the video breaks down: 1:45 – What can Google Analytics do for you? 4:45 – Setting up an account 6:00 – Choosing outcomes and goals 7:25 – Campaign tracking 9:04 – Inside the product 11:10 – Traffic sources 15:00 – Using traffic to set goals and understand impact 17:55 – E-commerce 19:00 – Reports: exporting and visualization 23:45 – Q&A – See a summary here: Don’t have time to watch the video? Read a roundup of this Hangout on the Google Small Business Blog: Add the Google+ Your Business page to circles:

Web Analytics: An Hour a Day

Written by an in-the-trenches practitioner, this step-by-step guide shows you how to implement a successful Web analytics strategy. Web analytics expert Avinash Kaushik, in his thought-provoking style, debunks leading myths and leads you on a path to gaining actionable insights from your analytics efforts. Discover how to move beyond clickstream analysis, why qualitative data should be your focus, and more insights and techniques that will help you develop a customer-centric mindset without sacrificing your company’s bottom line.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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  • Do you know if when you record the hangout using on air…. does it record in 16:9???? because Ecamm doesn’t.

  • OMG. Can you please let me test out the On Air Technology? I soooo want to try that out right now my only solution for recording my interviews is over skype using ecamm software plugin. It works pretty well but not the best. I would love to demo on air.

  • Good to know! Thanks for the update.

  • We actually used our Hangout On Air technology for this (we’re rolling this feature out slowly to Google+ users). That automatically broadcasts and records the Hangout, and uploads it to the personal YouTube account of the user admin’ing the page at the time of the Hangout. You can screenshare in regular Hangouts, as well as in Hangouts On Air too!

  • cool ..

  • I soooo want to use hangouts and record my screen like you guys did. How did you record the hangout and get the audio to match the video?

  • Update on 19:12 : it is now possible to export to pdf as well as automated e-mail 🙂

  • Have a nice time