Hiring a Web Designer

Hiring a Web Designer

Like a newborn, your website may stumble through the online world, bewildered, vulnerable; the apple of your eye in a hostile place, alone and inexperienced to the environment it has been exposed. It is your job, your duty, to provide it the tools to survive and thrive in a world of competitive madness. With specifications, techniques, procedures and guidelines that must be followed to ensure website success and growth, you may have to choose wisely when hiring the right person to help in getting your site on the right track; a virtual babysitter, if you will…your web designer.

The foremost step in choosing a web designer, is finding those who understand, fully, the nature and intent of your product, your ‘baby’. Your product, the independent being that it is, has its own demands, its own measures to the ultimate goal it has been bred for. Scour for a designer that knows those goals, those intentions, almost as well as you. It is the only way your product will be allowed the correct environment to grow, learn and flourish. Some products demand more pictures than others, some more video and body copy. Define, clearly, to your web designer, the needs and wants of your site, and make sure he/she moulds appropriately to produce the desired effect.

A site that is too analytical, serious, introverted, loses friends and followers fast. Select a designer that can identify with your content’s lighter side and allow him/her to guide your website toward one of merriment and pith. A site that doesn’t take itself too seriously, regardless of content or intent, is a site that cements itself permanently as one that identifies with the viewer’s need for calmness in this day and age. If done with subtleness, the visitor will be glad to buy without even realising they’ve been persuaded.

Present your business to your web designer as a solid definition of what your product exactly entails. Disclose to him/her the strengths and weaknesses of your ‘baby’ and perhaps even the ultimate result you see coming to fruition by being online. If your product is sales geared, subscription or even instructional, allow your designer the space to produce content applicable to the nature of your product. In other words, communication between babysitter and parent is imperative to your site, your ‘baby’ finding the right niche into which it should fit.

Regardless of product or intent, your designer should be able to help you raise a site that is open and friendly. A website that welcomes visitors, is user-friendly and easily navigated, with important information lain out and bookmarked for all to see, cannot but be one of success and growth. Your site should be a delight to watch, to observe, to be around and it is the job of the web designer to help you place your site squarely on the path to greatness.

It is hard for any parent to let their pride and joy into the big, bad world, but it may be time to watch your brainchild start working. With a competent web designer keeping vigil, you can stand back and watch as your site toddles into the unknown, and if that web designer is competent enough, you should soon be wiping a tear of pride from your eye and reaping the benefits that come from being the parent of an independent, capable website.

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