How-to Add Custom CSS To Your WordPress Website

How-to Add Custom CSS To Your WordPress Website
More info: https://www.wpcrafter.com

In this video I walk you through the 2 correct ways to add or modify custom css in your WordPress website.

If you have watched any of my videos, you know that I show you in a non-techie way, and make it supper easy. If you need to add custom css to your wordpress website, then this video will show you how. You can do this.

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Some new additions to the Custom WordPress theme. See Part 1 here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh_6PYwUGcw

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  • for the url, it's better to call them by id using php
    i.g: <?php echo esc_url( get_page_link( id ) ); ?>

  • When can we expect the video for creating multi site page? Looking forward to it!!!

  • What I'm wondering is how does it work with your other pages now that you've changed "page.php". This might be a very stupid question but I can't figure out the answer for now 🙂

  • lmaooo is this entire video basically the end of the last video

  • awesome video, thanks a lot 🙂 Would be nice to show how to edit the other pages

  • For anyone stuck on creating extra custom pages, re-store your page.php file to how it should be, then create a separate "your new page template".php file on your server with your new page with your html markup and stick <?php /* Template Name: your page name */ ?> at the top of it. Then go to into wp admin, select "pages", create a new page, and select the template you just uploaded (option is on right hand side)… boom Bobby is indeed your uncle.

  • very thanks

  • Thanks man, this works.

  • great video it helps! im looking to change the spacing on the flags of polylang, any suggestions would help.

  • How do I change the font COLOR of my posts. When I am writing my posts I do not have a color box" (that has the underlined A on it)?

  • Thanks so much! very helpful!

  • how to add a custom Css to a specific page? can anybody help me? im trying to target my Contact Us Page. to customize the contact form

  • Hi Adam… I would appreciate your help in positioning my logo to the navigation…. am using education-zone theme.

  • How you remove white space above header image , Please make a video

  • I'm trying to add a button to my menu. I added the css code to the stylesheet and the class to the menu item. I see both in the page source. But, the button is not showing. What can I do?

  • can any make css for mobile friendly website of elementor builder free version

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