How to become an important Web Developer?

How to become an important Web Developer?

If you are new to the field of web development and want to burgle the field then PHP is the programming language you must learn. There are many approaches to learning how to be a web developer. However I believe the following approach makes the most sense.

Firstly, you need to learn how to code in HTML. It is very easy and there are many sites on the net that will help you learn the fundamentals. My advice is to learn on notepad first before you use the coding environments such as Dreamweaver. Notepad coding forces you to actually learn the language as the fundamental level. Anyone can use a WYSIWYG application.

Secondly, you should arrangement your development environment. Most PHP development now is done in union with the Apache Web Server and the database known as MySQL. Fortunately, there is a great programming book entitled “Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL Web Development” that is very user friendly. To be honest, setting up your development environment is most likely the most difficult task about developing.

As with all things in programming, there is a very helpful ‘deception’. Use a free application called XAMPP that has bundled PHP, Apache and MySQL together so that you can install them all at once and they can really find each other on your machine. In my opinion, this makes the creation of your developing environment much easier. There is smooth an included application php My Admin that gives you an intuitive interface to create and manage you MySQL database. If you don’t know anything about creating a database I can refer you back to our Beginning PHP5 book, chapters 3 and 4 which will take you through the first steps of understanding syntax and table structure.

Once the environment is setup and you have the Apache web server running, MySQL running and PHP is on your system you are ready to start learning PHP. I have create the tutorials at the W3Schools site very helpful.

Again, our Beginning PHP5 book provides some very helpful introductory chapters on learning PHP pages and using PHP with MySQL. PHP is very commanding if you couple the strength of the language with the potency of a database for storing a website’s data. If you go to Dice.com or Monster.com and check out the web development jobs you will see that PHP is in great demand. It is the language of choice for development now. It is flexible, open source and has a great community of devoted user around the world. If you don’t know what open source is, then you should Google it. It is a marvelous concept that has benefited many.

I am mayur shah. I am freelance php developer. Today Php is most popular language to develop dynamic websites. Many companies need php developers to develop dynamic websites. Companies are hire php developers who can develop their client business applications with in time limit. Companies are hire php developer who being highly experienced as well as highly expertise in the PHP.

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