How to Build a Web store database?

hita_habibti question : How to build a database Web Store Hello 🙂 I have some knowledge of HTML and web design, but I’m not too saavy to build bases data or FTP. My web design has been done with Dreamweaver. I have mysql, php Cute mini-admin and FTP on my comp ya.Tengo good pay hosting service (Host Blue) and bought my own dominio.Pero’m lost in how to go about creating a database or negotiation with c-panel. Are there any good online tutorials that I could see? Or someone who could communicate with via e-mail that could help me? Joomba I hear is good for the job database framework, has anyone used it? If it works well? Thanks in advance for your answer 🙂 Correction …….. I mean Joomla on the above ……. typo / 🙂 ButterfingersMejor response: Answer

Big D
phpMyAdmin is good for managing MySQL. A good book to read is the book MySQL by Larry Ullman mysql. MySql.com has good documentation too. I would say PHP and Mysql for the World Wide Web larryullman outside the Amazon. It is really easy from the book (get used), show the applications of MySQL with PHP. From there you have mysql.com to fill in the blanks.

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