How To Build A Website Free With Weebly

www.OnlineBusinessTrainer.com Aymee Buckhannon shows you how to easily build a free website using weebly. Register to receive other free web 2.0 tutorials at her site. http

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  • how do you add a “button” for example if i want to make an online shop and i need an “add to cart” button how do i do that?

  • its free. but you will have limitations. plus you will have a .weebly on your website name.

  • how to get the print of a website that i have created at weebly.com

  • Weebly is a great system. The only issue we found is that newbies may struggle to follow some of the the methods (analytics, Google Webmaster tools, verification etc) and there is no clear structure from start to finish to building your site. If you take a look at our site we offer a great instructional guide that shows you everything from start to finish.

  • This is very useful to first-timers like me. Thank you GilbertMom2

  • it’s a lot helpful for me ..Thanks for uploading this …

  • Is it possible to make a gaming site with this?

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  • I cant make up a name for my website and i wanted to make a free dating website can anybody give me a name for a dating site and i cant Just use the word dating or any other people web names

  • i made a website with flash games: flashgames1337.weebly.com

    So yeah, its easy to make an epic game website if thats whut you mean.

  • i made a website with flash games: FlashGames1337.weebly.com

    So yeah, its easy to make an epic game website if thats whut you mean.

  • @ulbwejp sure is right. what you need is just a blog site like blogger or wordpress. And one of my internet pro friend using this method and making lots of dime daily –> bit.ly/HVci2p?=pnkmag

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  • Excellent, thank you.

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  • i used it and googled it and it didnt show any rusults to my website!

  • Hello. I’m trying to make a Weebly website and I’m trying to use the button. But for some reason I can’t change the text on the button. Do you know have i can do that?

  • weebly/dergadgettester 😉

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  • your Just Jelous couse you cant make 1