How To Create An Online Course Membership Website WIth WordPress Free 2016 – In 30 minutes or less

How To Create An Online Course Membership Website WIth WordPress For Free – In 30 minutes or less
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The time is now for you to create an online course for you to share your knowledge and skills with the world.

Use WordPress to create your online course membership website. It’s not hard when you follow my training.
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  • if i use inmotion hosting, for how log will you give me access to your courses??life time access? a month free access? a year? 2 days? or it is really unlimited access,

  • Can you provide the custom CSS code which you mentioned in the video?

  • Many thanks for this video. I've been struggling with a theme and LMS which are well beyond my current experience and abilities. This made the process so much more straightforward. I wish I'd seen it before purchasing all the other bits and pieces.

  • Good work put it does not work with all themes !

  • If I want to learn anything WordPress, I go to Adam. He introduced LifterLMS to me – I am so thankful for that. Thank you Adam. You are one of few I trust online.

  • I prefer SiteGround Adam – will I qualify for taking all your courses free if I take out the SiteGround hosting? Thanks!

  • I am not able to use Paypal without paying for an add-on. How are we able to get this included as indicated in the video?

  • Finally works with sydney theme I have added code to theme function.php many thanks for you God bless you 🙂

  • thank you so much. this has been very helpful.

  • Thanks for all the information! Very helpful. I was about to purchase hosting with your discount through inMotion but after talking with them they discouraged me from buying their pro plan as they said that it wouldn't be good to host a LMS with a lot of video content if I were goin g to embed my video. They suggested that I would need one if their more expensive VPS packages. I'm sure you won't be able to respond before your discount expire but I wanted to get your perspective before making a purchase. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the great video!
    Does the LMS block the user from clicking the YouTube icon in the video that takes the user to YouTube instead of watching it on the site?
    Does it have any safeguards for that?
    As I'm making a course site but strictly need the users to stay on the site and never watch them on YouTube.

  • while installing lifter LMS with generate press shows 'may be lifter LMS sidebar not work' what it means and why?

  • Hello can you share the css code, I don't like the way it looks by default.

  • Adam…I am using a Hero Theme in WordPress.  I added LifterLMS to my site.  Unfortunately my LifterLMS did not mirror your demo.  I added the lab thinking that this would help but to no avail.  Also, when I add a course and attempt to add lessons to it they do not show up as an outline as you showed in your video.  This there something else I need to do?

  • hi, thanks for your preciosu content, please, I would like to know if exists a way for delivering content everyday with a daily payment? a sort of follow up which is meant to be paid every day for having it

  • Thanks

  • IT's not for free anymore

  • could u please tell the software to create this video? tks