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Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, 2nd Edition

Packed with insider tips and tricks, this how-to guide is fully revised to cover the latest version of Google Analytics and shows you how to implement proven Web analytics methods and concepts.

This second edition of the bestselling Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics is the perfect book for marketers, vendors, consultants, and Webmasters who want to learn the installation, configuration, tracking techniques, and best practices of Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics is a free tool that measures Web site effectiveness and helps users better understand how web site performance; this book is a detailed usage guide written by one of the software’s original creators
  • Explains what filters keep data accurate, how to measure Flash usage and tag for e-mail marketing, and what visitor segmentation provides the most useful feedback
  • Examines principles and practices of Web analytics, then shows how to use GA’s reports and how to track dynamic Web pages, banners, outgoing links, and contact forms
  • Discusses advanced setups for configuring goals and filters, how to integrate GA with third-party systems, and how to leverage the new API

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, Second Edition is valuable for both novice and experienced users of Google Analytics.

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  • Thank you! This was soooooo helpful. Managed to work it out with the new Google Analytics interface too. You’re doing amazing work.

  • Thanks! Glad you found it useful

  • This is excellent stuff and a great help. Thanks.

  • from where do you guys get the background music for your videos ? :)

    keep going with this great work !

  • Thanks! Glad you found this video useful 🙂

  • Thank you so much. Just what i needed! It’s amazing how much you can do with weebly!!

  • Very informative video – I was able to set up Google Analytics (I think) as well as remove my IP address. Might be time to update the video with the new layout of Google Analytics – very little looks the same (in the set-up steps)…and I wasn’t ever able to find a check status button. Thanks for the Weebly help! It’s definitely appreciated.

  • Hey thank you for this very useful tip…! I excluded successfully my IP address from my account..! You may, however, want to re do this tutorial with Google Analytics new interface for the not so advanced users…!!
    Thanks again…