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  • I like this. Because when I first looked at Micro. excel I was sooo confused looking at all the taps, I was like “What the f-?”

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  • wow WTF is this i just want to know how to make my graphs a new chart/page.
    people arent that stupid to need this bullshit i think everyone can figure out what you just said on their own.
    if any one knows how to make a graph into a new page just for the chart please message me or comment thank you

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  • Good informative video

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  • Thanx man! One question: is it free to add a domain name to your website, or do I have to pay for that?

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  • please reply how do u insert videos

  • To add a video to your web page using HTML code provided from a site such as YouTube, Google Video, or some other website, you will use the Paste Code tool. Start by clicking the ‘HTML Options’ link and then selecting the ‘Paste Code’ link from the drop down. Once open, simply paste the HTML code for the video that was provided by the other site and click ‘OK’. Your video will now be added to your page.

  • you ahve to pay for your own domain but webs domain is free

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  • how do you add Links to your website?

  • i created website but how to put things to it

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