How to measure Facebook Custom Tabs in Google Analytics with UTM Tags (Video Tutorial)

There are a few ways to measure traffic from your Facebook Page custom tabs: Use a Third-Party URL Analytics Tool – You can created links for each URL in your custom tab. The downside with this is that you have to manage another service for this analytics. Create a Unique Web Page – You can also create a unique web page that only receives visitors from your Facebook Page custom tab. Although this is great from a messaging standpoint, it requires additional time a resources to build a new webpage on your site. Use UTM Tags – UTM tags allow you to amend an existing URL with information that allows you to measure traffic coming from a specific website or medium where you’ve placed that URL. Below is a video that explains everything you need to know to get started with UTM tags

Google Analytics

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  • One small doubt Why utm_nooverride ?

  • Gonna test this today

  • It creates UTM tags, so yes.

  • Thanks for the tutorial. Is the UTM site the same thing as the Google Analytics URL Builder?

  • nice this is intresting never done it in my analitics…. it looks i have homework