How to use the New Google Analytics Interface

Have you seen the New Google Analytics Interface? Confused? Not to worry… bit.ly It was less than a month ago when I did a post explaining how and why to use Google Anaytics to help develop your website. At the time we could view the old and new interfaces and I showed you how to use the old one (which at the time I preferred). However, it is now the case that you MUST use the new one, so I thought I’d give you a quick tour around the new interface. You’ll see how to add your website and get tracking code to add to your website. How to create dashboards, add data widgets and set up email reporting. You’ll also see some important differences between the two interfaces and the benefits of the new layout. It’s rarely comfortable to learn a new way of doing things, but don’t let that put you off Google Analytics, it’s still a great tool and it look s like Google are trying to create a more detailed view of your website metrics with the New Google Analytics. If that means that you can understand more about your website, it gives you more opportunities to make it successful and support your business goals: Never a bad thing. The video is approximately 10 minutes, and if you’d like to see more on details on Google Analytics in general, you may want to look at the previous post first. Action Time Go ahead and explore the new Google Analytics by logging in at google.analytics.com Create your profile, and website property Add your tracking code to your website in whatever form is

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Foreword by Avinash Kaushik

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  • Thanks for the response Jessy. I’m preparing for some client GA training this week so your video was a big help. Goals would definitely be a good one to include and perhaps tagging as well. I will keep an eye on your G+ and twitter for further developments!

  • Thanks David, let me know if there are any additional questions that come up when you’re looking around and I may add it to the editorial calendar. I’m considering doing one on setting up goals, do you think that would be valuable?

  • Thanks, really useful. I haven’t got around to spending enough time with the new interface and your video has speeded the whole process up. Look forward to more!