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Question: 1
Which version of RGS may CCI users deploy?

A. RHEL 4.0
B. PC Edition
C. Enterprise Edition
D. Windows Vista Edition

Answer: B

Question: 2
When a Japanese user attempts to connect to an available resource using the HP SAM Web
Client on her XPe thin client, she is unable to see the Japanese characters. What should be
verified before taking any steps to resolve this issue?

A. That Japanese fonts are installed on the thin client
B. That the value is correct in the web.config file
C. That the two-character language identifier option for UILanguage is properly set in the
HPRDC.sam file
D. That Japanese is selected in the Web Client page (on the System Settings tab) of the Web
Admin console

Answer: A

Question: 3
The SAM administrator adds a user, Bob Smith, into a role named inance. He then sets the SAM
policies as follows:
The Global Policy is set for a resolution of 1024×768 and a color depth of 16-bit.
Bob is given a policy which specifies 800×600 and does not specify a color depth.
The Finance role is given a policy which specifies a resolution of 640×480 and color depth of 8-
bit. When Bob connects via the SAM client using the MS RDP protocol, which resolution and
color depth will he see?

A. 640×480, 8-bit
B. 800×600, 8-bit
C. 800×600, 16-bit
D. 1024×768, 16-bit

Answer: B

Question: 4
Which software components are recommended for CCI? (Select two.)

A. HP ProtectTools Security Manager
B. HP PC Session Allocation Manager (SAM)
C. VMware Assured Computing Environment (ACE)
D. HP ProLiant Essentials Workload Management Pack plug-in for HP SIM
E. HP ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack (HP RDP) for Windows

Answer: B, E

Question: 5
After successfully joining a blade PC to an Active Directory domain, rebooting it and logging on,
you notice that Group Policy is not taking effect on the blade PC. What could explain this
problem? (Select two.)

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A. The blade PC is not receiving an IP address.
B. The Enforced switch is enabled on the Default Domain Policy.
C. The blade PC is located in the correct Active Directory container.
D. The Group Policy Object link is not enabled to the blade PCs OU.
E. The clock of the blade PC and the clock of the Domain Controller are too far out of synch.

Answer: D, E

Question: 6
Which HP CCI software utilities are specific to CCI? (Select two.)

A. Session Timers Software
B. Connection Software Utility
C. User Profile Clean-up Utility
D. Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
E. Remote Personalized Time Zone Utility

Answer: A, E

Question: 7
Where can an HP Certified Partner find more information on Consolidated Client Infrastructure?

A. www.hp.com/go/cci
B. www.blades.com/cci
C. www.hpbladexpert.org
D. http://h30125.www3.hp.com/csn/

Answer: A, D

Question: 8
What should the administrator check when a user cannot connect via the 32bit SAM Client using
his Smart Card?

A. Ensure the UIMode option in the .SAM file is not set to 0.
B. Ensure the NetworkAuthentication option in the .SAM file is not set to 0.
C. Ensure the SmartCardCSP option in the .SAM file is set to the correct string.
D. Ensure Smart Card login is not set to Disallowed in the SAM Web Admin System Settings.

Answer: C

Question: 9
Which value propositions are true for CCI? (Select two.)

A. Eliminates network latency
B. Enables business continuity for end users
C. Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)
D. Enhances real-time video and 3D rendering

Answer: B, C

Question: 10
In the HP CCI SAM Administrative Console setup, which SQL server authentication method is

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A. SQL Authentication
B. Basic Authentication
C. Domain Authentication
D. Windows Authentication

Answer: A

Question: 11
After completing a customer’s site assessment, you must host the planning session before you
start on the design. Which customer attendees are critical to a successful planning session?
(Select two.)

A. Finance lead
B. Procurement lead
C. Human Resources lead
D. Data Center Facilities lead
E. PC Image Creation and Deployment lead

Answer: D, E

Question: 12
In which situations would a static CCI deployment be more effective than a dynamic deployment?
(Select two.)

A. Shift workers need to share the same device.
B. Applications will not run when a blade PC hard drive is locked down.
C. The Finance team requires disaster tolerance and business continuity.
D. Users require moving an open session to a new blade PC upon blade PC failure.
E. Development team users must be guaranteed the same blade PC at each logon.

Answer: B, E

Question: 13
Which ports carry SNMP traffic in a standard environment or configuration? (Select two.)

A. 21
B. 22
C. 161
D. 162
E. 1433

Answer: C, D

Question: 14
The CCI end user experience can be negatively impacted by network latency.
At which point does latency become typically unacceptable?

A. 1 to 100 ms
B. 100 to 200 ms
C. 200 to 250 ms
D. Above 250 ms

Answer: C

Question: 15

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