HTML Website Design Tutorial – How To Make a Side Menu Bar

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a side menu bar in html on your website design document. I will show you how to add links, space the website, add tables, add a banner and how to format the text to different colours fonts and sizes. Follow Me:
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  • You could also set write ‘ style=”border-right: 1px dashed black;” ‘ for the separator, instead of adding a third column to your table!

  • is it me or is he quite… active

  • For some reason, my links and “content” are together and I can’t separate them into columns like you did.

    I’ve checked over it twice and can’t find the vital bit of code I presume is missing.

  • Hi,

    Its very helpfull to me.
    Thank you….

    From Bharath

  • When I try to write a word like you next to the content of the site, it is not displayed

  • Where do you mean?

  • Download Notepad++ it’s alot easyer to see what your doing.

  • Good turoial just slow down a bit

  • can other people actually use the website?

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  • thx dude …. :D

  • Dude, you do know you are going to get spammed… DO NOT EVER SHOW YOUR EMAILS ON YOUTUBE!

  • ffs just copy paste the fucking thing in the description ffs

  • Prety good really help us!! Nice Job!

  • How do you find the actual URL for the website because at the top it like just says the folder it’s located in

  • You have to go to a website that sells Domain names and no you can’t get them for free if you find something for free and I mean a domain name it’s a scam.


  • No, the point is so you learn. Derp

  • but you can get a free sub-domain from afraid (dot) org and it works just as well as a domain

  • Notepad++ makes everything easier it will color code tags(headers title etc) and anything extra you put in the tags super easy to make your web codes… And cod4 mod codes :)))) 12

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  • you have to have a webhost or a server software like xampp and you have to port forward your port 80 and you will have “website” but you have to have a static ip and if you do then ur ip will be your url

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