HTML Website Design Tutorial – How To Make a Side Menu Bar

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a side menu bar in html on your website design document. I will show you how to add links, space the website, add tables, add a banner and how to format the text to different colours fonts and sizes. Follow Me: www.twitter.com
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  • I am a total noob on this…I was adding some height (for example height=”500″) to the content table…but the thing is all the tables get the 500 height…how can i adjust the height of tables separately ?

  • you should use notepad++ its free and heaps beeter tan notepad

  • Notepad++ works WAY better

  • wow i dont know this html is easy if you know what you must do 😀

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  • This is what i been looking for! Thanks!


  • what is cellpadding and cell spacing? what are the purpose?

  • Use notepadd++

  • yes he’s a fast talker, but what the hell, would be worse if he didn’t offer the help. lol. well done mr. johnson, keep them coming, extremely helpful. the code regarding cell padding will be a massive help. it was a particular problem that was bugging me. thanks again. *****

  • Wow…I have been looking for someone who could teach me this without reading the book I purchased. Exactly the area I was stuck on. You explained it so well…Thanks again.

  • TheTechDude171 it’s like 2 ewoks chilling in my boxers u u u u ain’t seen the balls u u u u ain’t seen the balls

  • Do u have to put it in a table

  • i know better way with CSS and HTML 😉

  • u talk to fast……

  • I love you

  • @TechStudiosPC can you teach me ? or do it for me :'(

  • @x3Heroiinex3 ill just show you the code fro CSS and HTML the side content is on the right side just PM and ill send it to you go to my website techstudiospc.co.cc and you see how it looks like 🙂

  • How can i make a functional link ? and after clicking on it to show something else , maybe a text .. ?

  • Thanks alot, i just started doing html this week and i already have a 3 page website up. I went through atleast 20 youtube tutorials and yours were by far the best.

    Here is the first page of my site. descensus.webs.com/

  • hay when i try to put .jpeg picture for the background it doesnt work any help

  • very nice..

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