I need help with web design?

Asked by : I need help with web design I am an absolute beginner in web design. I liked this free template CSSSólo wanted to know how would you design a template, I use Photoshop or Dreamweaver first? And I would suggest a tutorial for that?! Best answer : Answer

by Ron
Creating your first website – Part 1: Setting up the site and project files (Adobe CS3 / 4 ):

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  • You can use both. You begin by designing your website in Photoshop and then send all images in Dreamweaver for coding. Watch this video and step by step instructions on what your trying to do. Good luck!

  • You can do both in shape. I suggest to the design template for the first time in photoshop and dreamweaver code through

  • If you want a website with Dreamweaver is not a program suitable for use, it is good for beginners who do not care about the results otherwise I suggest you learn HTML and CSS