IceflowStudios Design Training – Tutorial: Digital Makeover | http Photo retouching in Photoshop.
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  • imagine if this guy say this ….

  • make him look happy to be wherever he is

    roflcopter goes soi! omg. this made my day

  • Haha, this great (:

  • klick… klick…
    booom. gone.! xD

  • i like your work and all, but i really think you shouldn’t use some random (non celebrity) guy’s picture to retouch him..i mean..we have all some imperfections but i wouldn’t want to be the one put on the stand.

    This is in no way a reflection of your phenomenal skills, mind you.

  • he is still ungle lol

  • i wud liquify those hamster cheeks! lol

  • that made me laugh lol

  • thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! finally a simple makeover tutorial were the person acually speaks!!!!!!

  • You’re retarded. If he used a celebrity picture, then the original would almost always look good to begin with; if he uses a picture of a random guy, he can get one that shows a normal face.
    The chance that this guy will actually see the video is incredibly small.

  • “You’re retarded?” What are you, 10?

    The guy before already answered like an adult, thanks.

  • That’s a perfect explanation, thanks.

    Can’t believe a simple misinformed comment got assholes to give me 2 thumbs down for a simple comment, and inviting morons like noak to answer.

  • wow good job! Lovey it!

  • He looked find before..

  • so cool!

  • how do you change the brush size with your keyboard like that?

  • nice work.

  • you use the bracket keys

  • you use the bracket keys

  • tell me about it

  • it’s funny when he does the before and the after thingy x]]

  • thanks! my dad totally thinks ur helpful!

  • could you make a tutorial of how to take off the shiny parts on the skin (the fat skin)

  • ??????????????

  • If you want to see what I have learned from your tutorials I have transformed a girl to make her look good
    Its posted in my gallery on deviantart/jeffrockr
    I’d like opinions or advices