Indesign CS5 Tutorial: Basic Rundown of Design Tools

Go to my website here for more detailed information on Indesign Tools: www.premiumtechtips.com Indesign CS6 Basic Rundown Here: www.youtube.com In the Indesign CS5 Tutorial I go Over a basic Print Design. I discuss a number of the different tools that you will use when you begin designing a print document, as well as go over how to begin a project. The Tools that are discussed in this tutorial are: Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool, Shape Tool, Type Tool among others. If you have any questions feel free to email me OR send me an @ Message on Twitter @techguru77. SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com MY TWITTER: twitter.com MY FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com MY GOOGLE+ plus.google.com WEBSITE: www.premiumtechtips.com

www.acbestpractices.com – Learn how to build a terrain model in ArchiCAD using the mesh tool, in this excerpt from Eric Bobrow’s Best Practices QuickStart Course. It is the 28th out of 29 lessons, the longest one in the entire series. This meaty 49 minute lesson will teach you how to import a DWG survey file into a Worksheet, then use it as a Trace Reference to build a terrain mesh. You’ll be able to model your site in the most expeditious and efficient sequence when you follow the method I share with you. YOU MAY DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO FROM THIS PAGE: www.acbestpractices.com If you’ve ever struggled to build a terrain model, or made one that was overly detailed and slowed down your 3D views, this detailed training will point you in the right direction. Even if you have never used the mesh tool, you’ll learn enough to get started, and after watching the lesson you’ll be able to do it yourself! — BONUS: Sample files you can use to follow along, in both Imperial and Metric systems. This is real training, not just tips and tricks! — Survey DWG file for USA (imperial units) users (zipped) www.acbestpractices.com — Survey DWG file for International (metric units) users (zipped) www.acbestpractices.com WHERE TO GET MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE This lesson is part of my new QuickStart Course, a 13 hour series of easy to follow video lessons that cover the basics of ArchiCAD with a Best Practices perspective. (The QuickStart Course is one component of my comprehensive Best Practices
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  • Thank you Eric
    But i think that ArchiCAD should have a easier way to model sites.
    I mean… we´re in the 15th version, and it seems that they don´t care about this.
    I know that we can import TXT coordinates from the survey, however they should learn with other modelling softwares and do something not so tangled

  • @e21fabio –

    I agree, it would be nice to have an easier way to do this.

    However, in practice, I rarely find this to be a problem. I can take a complex site survey and create a site model in a few minutes, or at most an hour or two. Since this process usually is done once for each project, it’s not a big deal.

    My aim here is to show an optimized sequence, with guidance for how to make it efficient and keep the polygon complexity manageable. It actually goes pretty quickly once you know how.

  • @EricBobrow
    ok, i saw a video once made by you showing how to make roads in terrains using SEO
    but the road kept the shape of the mesh
    is there a way to make it flat? like a real road
    and sidewalks, i´m really curious about creating good looking sidewalks with inclination.

    Thank you Eric

  • @e21fabio –

    Roads are a challenging geometric construct that are best done in other tools focused on civil engineering rather than ArchiCAD. That being said, one can approach them in any of three ways:

    1) Simply color the terrain mesh to indicate the road, using the SEO trick that I show in that video (simple, but unrealistic).
    2) Create a separate mesh to define the road (very tedious, but workable).
    3) Buy ArchiTerra from Cigraph (more realistic, relatively easy, but somewhat limited).


  • Really good video! It’s really pleasant to learn with teachers like you, who don’t just go and click, or type, assuming we already know all the commands.

  • Thank you, I highly appreciate what you presents in your videos which gave me a lot in improving my skills , but they are not downloadable , or are they ? may be I just missed how to that . Please help

  • @mohamedabbasismail – Thank you for your kind words about how my videos are helping you improve your skills with ArchiCAD. You may view and download this video on the Best Practices Course website page (see the notes for this video for the URL).

    For more help improving your skills, please consider signing up for my QuickStart Course (on the basics of ArchiCAD) or the Best Practices Course (a comprehensive training)
    — Eric

  • when i saw this video, it caught my attention, I’m no architect but I recommend this video, his instruction is clear and interesting

  • Dude you are awesome! Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Not A problem, glad I could help!

  • Southern accent is cute :3 Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Thanks! Glad I could help.

  • What is so often forgotten by savvy teachers is that the first few days of learning are the worst. Not knowing WHERE to put the gas nozzle for your new car stops you from the beginning. Frustration soon follows.

    This tutorial addresses that. Thank you

  • That was put very well. I like to think that I start from the beginning and work forward.

  • u sound cool.. lol good voice.

  • Well done. Simple, which is what I needed.

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  • Thanks, glad I could help!

  • Great tutorial. Keep them coming!! Real easy to follow.

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  • Great video man, very clear, you are a good teacher!

  • Thank you! Glad I Could help!

  • I just started InDesign and have to learn it for a job interview in Graphic Design I have on Monday. Your tutorials teach it like I’m a 5 year old… which is great. You definitely help me to understand. I’ll be cramming as many tuts from now until Monday. I appreciate what you do! Thanks.

  • Well I am glad I make it easy to understand for you! I hope your job interview goes well!

  • This is great, could you do a tutorial for making a magazine cover?

  • Thanks! I will work on that.

  • Thank you this was very informative! I can’t wait to dive into more of your tutorials! I’ve had this program for years and never used it due to a lack of knowledge and fear that it was too complicated. Thanks for showing how simple it is to use! 🙂

  • hey, liked the tutorial, can you do one on designing menus with like alot of options to choose from?

  • Your website is really helpful and awesome! Thank you! 😀

  • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!

  • If the title could be “Indesign CS5 Tutorial-part 1: topic” that would be great. we can follow the sequent no. to learn it step by step. I am looking forward to seeing your next video 🙂

  • I love this idea. I will work on putting my tutorials in series like that. Thanks for the input!