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internet and marketing – web marketing – internet marketing online – online marketing

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Knowing where to buy your webtraffic isn’t always easy – There are a lot of factors to calculate before you start and a lot of money to save if you do it rightDon’t settle for hits if you paid for visitorsThe paid traffic is often referred to as visitors on the various market places, but this isn’t always correct. There are numerous of webmasters who have paid hard earned cash for visitors, seeing no activity except the hit counters. Often these -so called visitors are nothing but automated traffic, often fromWhen you buy visitors, always start with a small amount. Then, it’s time to evaluate:* Origin of visitorsThe referring pages, are they many? Few? Many pages with surf.php, surf.jsp or similar in among them? These are all factors that might point out if the traffic received are automated or actual visitors.* Site activityDid you get any results from your traffic? It can be hard to evaluate this when only buying a small amount of traffic if you already have much activity, but it’s something you must look into.* Cost vs. ProfitIf you can monitor what activity comes from the PPC campaign, you can easily measure the cost vs. reward. Then decide if it’s worth it or not.Looking at these factors will make the decision to buy more visitors easier. If you are satisfied with the results – or if they at least make you a profit – keep it up. If not, buy your visitors from somewhere else – The list of sites offer PPC services is a long one.Different website traffic brokers, have different ways of delivering – and charging – your traffic. What suits you – and your website – are impossible to say, a few of the options are:

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a great, but expensive, way of finding truly interested visitors for your keyword/key phrase. You write your own ads, making it easy to pre sell your offers before you pay for the visitor. If you do not have a specific action in mind for the visitors you are buying, you might not need contextual ads but…General, targeted visitors

Targeted visitors – i.e. those who have showed interest in your niche – are often well converting visitors, less pricey than contextually targeted website traffic. The origin of the visitors may vary widely, be sure to monitor your activities closely. If you buy targeted traffic, make sure the referring pages are of similar nature, otherwise you are in fact paying for…

Non-targeted visitors

Very cheap website traffic, often sold in large quantities. For some websites, these kinds of visitors actually convert surprisingly well. The need for evaluation is even more important if you buy visitors in bulk. Look out for shady extensions on the referring pages; otherwise you might be paying for…

Hits instead of visitors

Sometimes the product offered is described as hits instead of visitors. This generally means the traffic received will be of very poor quality. Often this type of traffic can be generated for free, so if you are paying for it, you are probably being overcharged.

If you do decide to buy visitors, be sure to start out light. If a deal sounds to good to be true, odds are it is.

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