IPhone Application That Are Handy For Web Designers

IPhone Application That Are Handy For Web Designers

Article by Alan Smith

Gone are the days when the web designers had to start developing the website right from the scratch. Nowadays there are iPhone applications that can aid the web designers to make their task much easier.

IPhone giving plenty of flexibility for many business owner and employee, web designers group are one of them. By using iPhone application of designing they can perform lot of task and no need to start from basic level or need to at their desktop computer. In development market such tools available that made designers task quite easy.

Some of the prominent iPhone applications for website designers are as follows

Palettes:This iPhone application is especially for those web designer who want to lift colors from other image or images and interested in creating own palette. This makes the task of replicating the color scheme of designer’s wish easy. This facilitates effective, efficient and quick way of handling the colors.

EGO:Checking of the web statistics is made very easy with this iPhone application. This can be done on hourly basis or even daily basis. The traffic to your website can be tracked very easily. There is no need to login or log out of your website. This saves the designer’s time too.

FTP:This iPhone Applications facilitates the user with ability of website maintenance especially when you are moving. The files on the FTP server can be easily edited. There is a built-in browser. This allows you to verify or keep a track of changes made to the iPhone without quitting from the application.

CSS Cheatsheet:This iPhone applications offers insight into how the CSS works. The details mentioned in it could be used as tutorial. It could be used by experts as a ready reference incase some of it is forgotten. This application can work even offline.

WorkTimer:When the web designer is handling multiple projects simultaneously, it becomes important to know how much time is being devoted to develop each web design project. This is important for the billing purpose. The task of monitoring the time is made easy with WorkTimer.

ProSEO:This is one of the best iPhone applications especially for the web designer who want to keep a track of how the website URL performs on the search engine list. The vital key words or keyword phrases can also be tracked. The text that anchors the links can also be analyzed.

ZeptoPad:For any web designer images are indispensable elements of a web site. With the help of this application the designer can just use fingers to draw anything on the screen and make a vector image. The vector image can then be shared with other colleagues and friends.

WhatTheFont:This application helps you to identify the font that you happen to see anywhere. You need not search the list of the names of the fonts. After identifying the font you can use it anywhere in your design. This application identifies the font even if it is on the image or web page.

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