Is Your Marketing Authentic Or Is It Spam?

Everyone who has been online for more than say 5 minutes has experienced spam. It can come in so many forms with so many different agendas, it can be difficult to see through all of it to find what’s genuine and meaningful online.

There’s something about the internet that breeds spam. A lot of people who are new to internet marketing make the basic mistakes that can turn a well intentioned campaign to a spam buffet! The problem with this is that with the prevalence of spam online, it can be easy for others to see your online marketing message and lump it in with all things spam.

That’s the reason for this article. I wanted to take a good look at spam and use knowledge of what makes it spam to help marketers make their already good marketing better.

This is the definition that I use for spam:

Marketing content that has an agenda behind it where there is no value in it.

Content of this variety lacks depth. The only way it will impact the reader is if they take the action that the marketer wants them to take. The content itself lacks content of any depth.

What makes authentic marketing?

It must provide value with no strings attached. The piece of content should impart some knowledge, solve a problem or be entertaining. It’s popular now to promote a business through content marketing combined with social media. The content that is shared upfront is free and if it is of high quality, it will encourage readers to go back to their site. Another side benefit to high quality content is that it encourages sharing and syndication through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This sharing aspect of social media facilitates what normally happens when a person experiences a great piece of content, be it a book, movie or song…they tell someone about it.

I feel that the reason why people who produce low quality content resort to spamming everyone with it is that they are the only ones who will. No one else would ever want to spread it.

In this way, the ways that people spam others is just imitating what happens naturally with great content.

Here’s how I look at great marketing. It’s all about depth and span. The more depth or better the piece of content, the more potential it has to be spread by those who are impacted by it. If there is no depth, however, the person responsible for producing it must broadcast it in any way they know how.

That’s not to say that quality alone will make something catch on. It’s important to study the means by which content is spreading as well as continuing to produce great stuff regularly. I love Seth Godin’s books as well as his blog. He says that marketing is nothing other than the spreading of ideas. If you have an idea to spread, that makes you a marketer. He says that there are lots of worthy messages and causes that never catch on because of bad marketing.

What can we keep in mind to have our content seen by a good number of people as well as shared?

It comes down to span and depth. Content that’s great gives the reader something and has quality. This will encourage others to share which leads naturally to span.

“The greatest depth over the greatest span.”

If this is maintained as a focus it can help you to keep three key areas of content marketing balanced.

1. Produce good solid content that has depth and quality

2. Get it out there to be seen by a lot of people

3. Make it very easy for them to share it with others – via social media syndication buttons/ plugins

Balance is important in many areas of life. With online marketing, it’s essential to balance depth and span for the greatest success.

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