Java Programming Tutorial – 15 – Use Methods with Parameters

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  • I basically just started learning Java today, but still think that you made a mistake. You used "new Scanner", but never "freed" the memory that is required for the Scanner "input". This will cause memory leaks. At the end, you should write input.close(); to deallocate the memory. Hope this makes sense.

    I also noticed that you didn't delete the object "tunaObject". In C++ you need to manually delete (deallocate) stuff that's you allocated on the heap. This doesn't seem to be the case in Java, but it still confused me.

  • you are the best of the best!

  • today you can follow his tutorial without worrying about entering in Import java.until.Scanner

  • Just these past 15 tutorials and I am in the process of making a semi complex math app for my android phone (with a little extra help from your android studio tutorials) to do my math homework (using algorithms and classes and methods that break it all down and do it for me). It's quite fun and helps to remember how to do this type of programming, plus the math I'm doing in class 🙂 Thanks bucky!

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  • did everything right but getting this error
    Error: Could not find or load main class myFirstClass.myFirstClass

  • Instead of creating an empty tuna object, couldn't you have made the method in the tuna class static? Or is it because it would be discussed in a later video? Just wondering. Either way, this is a fantastic series; easily the best on YouTube.

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  • i made it in the same class and it still works

  • How no one uses JOptionPane.showInputDialog for inputs?