Ladies in Lavender, Violin Joshua Bell, Music Nigel Hess

Ladies in Lavender Music Video: These images were photographed during the spring and summer 2006 of my home and garden in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I’ve arranged them to the originally scored theme song from the motion picture Ladies in Lavender, with Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith. Music composed by Nigel Hess & violin played by Joshua Bell. Video by Lonque. Pigstyle Design Canada Website Designer.
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  • @BDET89 Lifeless, did you say? Life never ends even though the body dies, so watch what you say about yer nan…init?

  • @taxfundi How do you know If life ends after death?? Init….

  • I know that we live on. We all have our various beliefs and opinions and I didn’t want this to develop into a debate about life or death, but I know that there is life after the body dies. I spoke to my mom after she “died” so I know. For you, maybe not. But for me..I know. Be at peace – your nan sounds great and she is still there for you and will always be. Be comforted by that. :-))

  • @taxfundi Well put, your probably right.

  • If you die, we live on because we’ll be reborn to another Human, Animal, or a insect’s body.Though life can be loving, you have to take risks and help others which you have done to help soulless vessels..

  • Beautiful music to accompany a beautiful video. Thanks.

  • so peaceful music. I imagine myself in a ballroom every time I listen to this.

  • piÄ™knie !

  • Joshua Bell, He is SUPERB Artist.
    Beautiful music.


  • The ten first seconds remind me of “Thais Meditation”, but the rest is awsome.

  • @bemms321 This is quite correct.

  • @bemms321

  • KOL NIDREI Enter Teodora Miteva and listen to this performance of Max Bruchs Kol Nidrei part 1 and part 2 It is indescibable.

  • @taxfundi What a beautiful thing to say and so true

  • Jules Massenet-Meditation

  • Wonderful, beautiful, very moving.

  • Wonderful. Can you tell me what program you used to produce this??

  • magnificient

  • Windows Movie Maker that came with the computer, using only fade for transition.

  • I come back to this video time and time again,,because iit is lovley

  • Beautiful!

  • can i have the music sheet of this?

  • I adore Nigel Hess, and the talent of Joshua bell is overwhelming. The music cuts right through your heart and lifts your spirit. I have listened to this piece of music over 200 times and never tire of it. Thank you for making it available on Youtube and sharing it with everyone.

  • Thank you…

  • @Jazzigator Yes I lead a lonely life, and this particular work has proved to be addictive to me.