Learn as To Why Joomla Should Be Preferred For Website Development

Learn as To Why Joomla Should Be Preferred For Website Development

Article by Nicole Arlington

The web development market has matured with the launch of content management system (CMS) frameworks. The end users can design the layout of their sites with custom themes and widgets in seemingly no time at all. Joomla is one such pioneer framework that has powered the websites in and out but has been largely adopted by webmasters across the globe. Even a novice with limited or no knowledge about website development can find their way out by developing robust interfaces at the blink of an eye. Since most of the framework plug-ins and options are already vested in Joomla the end users can easily configure or customize the fields on their own without any hassles whatsoever.

Key features of Joomla Web Development

Some of the key features of Joomla web development are as follows:

1. Plug and play interfaces are provided in Joomla. The developers can utilize and add or modify these in order to custom create the design as per their requirements.2. The premade templates can be downloaded from and installed over the Joomla web hosts in a matter of few seconds. These can then be tweaked as per the needs of webmasters on the go.3. The robust ability of Joomla sites to support graphics, videos and images on the same interface has made it a popular website development tool. One can boast best in class content on the web host in seemingly no time at all.4. The plug-ins for additional feature set ups can be instantly installed while trying to shape up website using Joomla in a seamless manner without any hassles whatsoever.

Benefits of Using Joomla

1. Template driven interface accelerates the overall development in a faster manner.2. The online help zones and tutorials can be accessed by the developers on the go. Several thousands of web sites are powered on Joomla CMS.3. It can be installed on the webhosts in a matter of few seconds. Being open source software the end users can get to benefit from the free updates from time and again.4. Custom frameworks for the niche can be installed on the Joomla hosts for better alignment. For instance, virtue mart framework for Joomla can power through the online shopping sites in seemingly faster manner. The development can be managed without any hassles or constraints by the tem of developers.5. It is easy and quick to master software interface.

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