Learning Web Design In order to Support Your Loved Ones

Learning Web Design In order to Support Your Loved Ones

I cannot speak for every web design service or business but the price for an average site is about 00. The time it requires to produce a typical site employing an content management like WordPress is roughly two to 3 or even a month.

Now for this time you are not saddled with this one customer allowing you to do maybe 2-3 clients simultaneously.

The ability to do more than one client lies in one of the annoyances of website design and that’s getting content from the client. It’s frequently like getting blood flavored milkshake from a particularly obstinate stone. Most clients don’t realize that it requires team work to make a website, you are a designer not the company owner and so do not know the ins and outs of all their products, services, privacy policy etc. You’ll need the customer for that content so ensure you let them know early. But we are getting a little ahead of ourselves. We now should try to learn web design and then we will have the skills to create websites.

10 Strategies To Learn Website Development
. . Reading Blogs
. . Doing Tutorials
. . Go To University
. . Attending College
. . Training Centers
. . Online Courses
. . Purchase The Book
. . From a Friend
. . Internship / Work Placement
. . Trial and error

No matter which strategy you choose completely depends upon your learning style. I suggest beginning with a training course as the instructor can pull everything together and actually give you other ways of learning and additional methods for taking your abilities further e.g. you will attend classes and find out about Html code & CSS and then be given a couple of blogs to look at like www.css-tricks.com or www.webcoursesbangkok.com/blog to explore web design.

My best advice is first of all, visit a training course to get you up and running, it’s usually pleasant to have a human to ask questions to, while you encounter the starting hurdles, then get yourself a good collection of video lessons to instruct you on the specifics.

Lastly the key tips about learning web development is ensure that you do what you’re great at and delegate stuff you are not. This too extends to promising clients things you can’t do. I realize the difficulties of supporting a family and looking to land those large projects although with web design the bigger the job the smaller the profit margin, I tell you that coming from sixteen years experience. It is the short jobs coming from small to medium enterprises you want.

You can complete them swiftly and then get either recommendations from the content customer, as you completed the job so swiftly, or consistent earnings from the busy owner needing you to carry out the updates for the site

Look after Yourself to be able to Take care of Your Loved Ones

Time and time again I hear horror stories from both sides of the web design wall. Developers that have clientele always changing their mind and never wanting to sign away since they know it means they have to pay out. Or the company owner saddled with a developer who did a shoddy job and who is keeping the keys to castle by refusing to provide hosting/domain account details and does not reply to e-mails. I think both problems begin by developers not taking proper care of themselves and planning the process’ early.

Quick tips:

. Charge in 25% stage steps.
. Stages: Proposal sign off, Design sign-off, Development sign-off, Go live
. Any kind of changes to specifications will result in a by the hour fee to modify
. Once the website is launched, the client will receive 2 months support from then on be subject to an per hour charge
. Content and images must be produced and bought by the client
. Give the client all passwords, files and images
. A price reduction is available in the event the customer agrees to provide your hyperlink within their footer as being the person that made the website

The final one is a little one to aid your personal Search engine optimisation and thus get new business, bringing in more dollars to help you support your family.


Mastering web design is a continual process that never ends, anyone saying they understand web design in it’s entirety is telling lies, there is honestly far too much for one person to learn. Stick with what you are good at and use outsourcing for the rest, if you supply referrals ensure you make 15% of them (e.g. if the client requires a company logo and your friend down the road is a good logo designer, tell him to include 15% on top of their normal price for you). When charging clients do so in 1 fourth increments i.e. 25% for every stage.
Last but not least, keep learning web design, never quit and that way, your turn around time and as a result earnings will increase.

Good luck and don’t forget to “Design from the spine and everything will be fine” – Carl Heaton 2009

Carl Heaton is the founder of Web Courses Bangkok where he teaches people to make quality websites. When he is not teaching Photoshop
he is consulting for the UN ESCAP division.

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