Massive Web Design Tutorial in Photoshop (720p HD)

I will be showing you how to create a simple web design in photoshop. There may be a second half to the tutorial on how to code this, but I am not sure yet. I say a couple times that this video maybe be in many parts because it is such a long video, but I was able to bring it down to one big part.
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  • thanx for the post…it’s very helpful

  • i dont have any pen tool because i use photosho elemnts 6.0
    can you show me how to find it

  • coding part please??

  • the only bad thing is, where is the coding “second part ” at my friend??

  • 45 minutes long………and part 2’s over an HOUR???

  • OMG 45 minutes?! I hope it’s good !

  • how much does designing a website normally cost?

  • lmao you use dreamweaver to code!?!?!?! are you retarded

  • 11 real WEB Designers dislike this. ­čÖé

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  • @Susipis3s Rofl, I <3 you for that comment!

    I can't belive he spent 45 minutes designing this in such detail in photoshop! When I make a site, I get an idea in my head and do like a 5 minute sketch of it on paint, or do a crazy rectangle drawing on Macromedia Fireworks. Then I start coding it in notepad. Screw Dreamweaver, that program is a piece of crap for people who want their site to look good!

    Being able to draw out a site on photoshop is a lot different than actually making it

  • the longest video i ever seen on youtube

  • lol at 17:22 he says “I’m just trying to make this video as short as I can.”

  • im sorry but your site really blows my friend..

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  • im sorry but it takes me 10 min to build this 0.o

  • coding part´╗┐ please?

  • coding part´╗┐ please?

  • for beginners like me this is coolest tut..thanks

  • omg where is the 2nd part? i did not just waste a chunk of my life watching this. Did I?

  • will there be part 2 any time soon?

  • check out my design good or bad?

  • hey, am looking for the Dreamweaver tutorial for this layout which you said will be made by someone else. Can you post a link? thanks.

  • @Tramposch lol

  • Noob.