Microsoft Surface, Getting Started with Web Design, and Forcing Your Older TV into the Future

This week on the podcast we’re taking a look at Microsoft Surface and the new features in Windows Phone 8, plus an surprising technology from Ford. We’re also answering questions about getting started with web design and making your older television set work with devices it doesn’t support. Show notes will be available at 1:00 PM PT at lifehacker.com 00:45 News 01:05 Windows Phone 8 03:30 Microsoft Surface Announced 14:00 Ford Keyless Login 18:00 Determining Whether or Not a Statement Is Scientifically True 20:45 Questions and Answers 20:55 Should I get a Microsoft Surface or a laptop? 24:45 How can I start learning web design? 27:20 Can I connect an HDMI device to an old TV that doesn’t support HDMI? 29:05 Show and Tell: Gunnar Technology Eyewear 32:15 Downloads 32:25 Windows/OS X: Doo 33:00 Windows/OS X: Torchat 33:20 Android/iOS: Waze 34:00 Android/iOS: Stitcher

The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Vol. 2: More of the Best Themes, Trends and Styles in Website Design

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  • A month ago I was on a plane and was sat next to a girl that had an iPad with a SmartCover with a keyboard and I’m positive about it. So I don’t believe Microsoft came up with something really innovative.

  • i like those microphones… 🙂

  • Before going out and buying crazy glasses, perhaps try turning the brightness of your screens down. Many monitors now days are set to a high default brightness which will often strain your eyes and keep you up. Especially if your using a tablet turning you brightness down will not only help your eyes but you battery life as well.


  • Pause at 21:29

  • Love this show, keep em coming!

  • Thumbs up for the Harry Potter glasses on Adam’s nose !

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  • K I’m done watching, I heard someone compare Xbox to Apple. Apple is not the only company that produces everything from “scratch”. I’m so butt hurt right now that people compare everything to Apple and forget past tech history.

  • People don’t understand that Windows Phone 8 changed the Phones OS kernel from Windows CE to Windows RT. That is way the Lumia became outdated. You can’t just port the kernel over to these older gen processors, but you can port some capabilities but rewriting the new code for Windows CE.

    There’s not enough space in this comment area to explain Surface but most news sources, reviews, etc. are getting the information wrong. The RT will have a desktop mode but more limited than the pro model.

  • Lol…Whitson at the end…cant stop laughing…hahaha

  • nice a40’s @ 19:52

  • heck no

  • because this is YouTube. You are one of the rare ones without a short attention span

  • Those dislikes may be from employees/fans of The Verge and The Tech Guy :)

  • I swear Ford is a British company…

  • I’m glad you guys put a link to the show notes in the description! I always used to forget what it was.

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  • This is not a good source of information.

  • Why would someone dislike this video?

  • can someone explain what mobile software fragmentation is? i keep hearing it with android

  • what is windows RT?