Motorola Milestone 3 Brings The Display Which Is One Of The Best Resolution

Motorola is a company that has been involved in the mobile phone industry since its inception in the 1970s and has always been a big player in the industry. A few years back the Motorola RAZR handsets were the most popular phones around and pushed the boundaries of physical thinness. With the release of the iPhone in 2007 the focus of the market shifted to touchscreen phones and Motorola started to lose ground. With the release of Google Android Motorola was able to release their Droid smartphone which was the device that really brought the company back from the brink and put them back at the top of the market where they belong.

The Droid was released in the United Kingdom as the Motorola Milestone and has since had a number of successors. The Milestone 3 will be the latest addition to the range and will bring this very popular Android smartphone up to date and more in keeping with current industry developments.

As was the case with the Milestone 2, the Milestone 3 is not expected to deviate too much from the original in terms of physical design. While obviously being a little slimmer, the Milestone 3 will feature the same great physical body and slide-out QWERTY keyboard that made the first Milestone such a phenomenal success. One change that can be seen with the latest Milestone is that the keyboard has had an improvement with a more intuitive 5 row keypad now in use.

Motorola has not officially announced the latest Milestone and so all of the details about the device are yet to be confirmed. One thing that seems almost certain though is that the Milestone 3 will come with a dual core processor. With no official release date yet known it is possible that this could be a dual core 1.2GHz CPU or even higher. Some rumours are also suggesting that the Milestone 3 will be compatible with the webtop docking ports of the Motorola Atrix, which will allow you to use the Milestone as a laptop and a multimedia hub.

Like its predecessors this latest device will come running Google Android with Motorola’s Motoblur interface on top. Motoblur provides some excellent social networking integration for Facebook and Twitter, as well as fantastic messaging options like email and instant messaging. Although reports suggest that the Milestone will come running Android Gingerbread, its distant UK release might signal a possibility of Android Ice Cream Sandwich in use.

The latest Droid will come with a 4.3″ qHD capacitive screen with multitouch input and sliding QWERTY keyboard for excellent typing features. Wi-Fi and 3G will both be available for internet access although exact details are still unclear.

The Milestone has been one of Motorola’s most popular smartphones to date and also one of the most popular Android phones to see release. With its excellent QWERTY keyboard and futuristic physical design it is easy to see why it has so much appeal with many people. The prospect of dual core, qHD display and Atrix-style docking ports thrown into the mix can only serve to make a good thing even better.

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