Hello you Guys ! Happy Friday !!!!! Today we will be working on one of my favorite nail art designs, its simple & very pretty. I hope you like it. Here is some info on the brush size & the acrylic paints I use. I use non toxic, water based acrylic paint. ( I usually find it at the kids paint section) I purchase mines from Barns & Nobles, Brand is Faber Castel. The difference between nail polish & acrylic paints is that nail polish is made for nails, acrylic paint is not. I only use acrylic paint for doing designs on my nails & never use it over my entire nail. Make sure to always use a basecoat, & topcoat when using acrylic paints. Clean up is alot faster, & if you make a mistake you can just remove the mistake with water. If you are using nail polish, you have to remove mistakes with polish remover. You will find acrylic paint at your local craft store. I purchased my brush set from ebay, you will find nail brush sets there for really good prices. I use another detailing brush that I purchased from Michael’s the craft store, Its in the brush section for painting, Its by LOEW-CORELL, size 18/0, cost .79. Have a super fun Weekend, bye. Royalty Free Music Provided by Track Tittle “Bird in Hand” You can find this track at Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to any of the company brands I mention in this video. I will get no monitary compensation for mentioning any of the products used in this video.

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  • Awesome color combination. I especially love that Mandarin color and I do not normally wear orange but I would definitely wear that one. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  • :O

  • nice :)

  • nice nails

  • @aamal21 anywhere. just look in the craft section of any store

  • The way u explain things still amaze me…after watching ur tuto vids, I became some what pro among my buddies..ehehhehe thanks…

  • OMG I cant watch with the way she speaks…

  • BUT shes good :).

  • Beautiful nails! Natural?

  • where did you get the detailing brush you used? I have been looking for one for ages and can’t find a good one!:(

  • is acrilic paint just normal painting paint and if i use it will it come of with nail varnish remover?

  • @emsara101 she purchased the nail brush form ebay

  • how the heck do you keep your nails so long?! I have to keep mine short if I want nail color to last just a few days…

  • WOW, you’re amazing! <3

  • how do you do it with your other hand??

  • super amazing .,i love that art u did,.and i love color yellow

  • @emsara101 I got mine on amazon

  • Im male but i gotta try this out

  • I can’t even do this with my good hand ):

  • wow! i think you have every single color of nail polish in the world!

  • If you use acrylic paint will it come off like normal nail polish?

  • This is the first LOVE4NAILS tutorial I ever saw! What a long time ago!

  • @gymmonkey41 To me, yes. I always use acrylic paint to do the designs. But, I think top coat is pretty important in this case. 🙂 Though I never use acrylic paint as the main polish.

  • @AhnaKaulitz03 thanks i will definately try it:)

  • You make it look so easy!!