Nail Design Tutorial: handpaint flower step by step

Acrilic handpainting I’d like to call your attention to the UNIQUE TUTORIAL AID – a tutorial DVD disc + training card! Red DVD №1 “Painting for beginners” To see more visit my web . . .

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  • loves this!

  • This is so “wow”… Got no words!

  • Thanks a lot!!! 🙂

  • freaky awesome!

  • wow – that’s gorgeous!!!! xoxox = )

  • wow that’s really good , where did you get the brush you were using?

  • Thanks :)) About the brush – it’s Siberian weasel
    You can see it on my web… and order

  • nice. :)

  • nice and beautiful love it love love

  • what is the name of this song?:-)

  • Forget my nails, I want a painting of that on my living room wall!!! O.O

  • where do you live??you said you are nail design teacher..i want to become your student….i love your work..can i contact with you???

  • Amazing. 🙂

  • that’s gorgeous, but very time consuming :

  • beautiful!

  • i can’t do that!!!

  • IW!LOL

  • Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!! Very good hand!!! Bravoo!!!

  • wow, omg very beautifyl! really good!

  • stupendo!!!

  • meraviglioso sono rimasta a bocca aperta, bravissima …

  • Thanks!!! :)

  • Just amazing!!! What kind of nail polish do you use?

  • I used acrylic paints and “INM”

  • que bonita