NO Website, NO List, NO Product… What Now?…

When you think about starting a business,

usually, some sort of investment comes into the

equation right?


Maybe you think you at least need webhosting, or

a domain name, or even an auto-responder right?

Whilst they will eventually form the building

blocks of a strong business there is a more

direct approach to making money online that

allows you to get in, and get out without having

to go through a checklist of things you could do

with, but not at this very moment.


What if there was a way for even the *ABSOLUTE*

novice to start from scratch with $0.00 in their



Well with abundance of open source software,

tagging websites, pinging services, video

distribution sites and so on that is now a



You’ve seen sites like YouTube, Squidoo,

HubPages, MySpace, Digg, and more. They all have

one thing in common. They’re free! And very few

marketers know how to use this to their advantage.


This *brand new* system makes use of all the

latest web 2.0 gadgets, open source software and

marketing techniques and turns it into a fully

fledge marketing system.


…all of course, with *ZERO* investments!


You DO NOT need to have your own product…

You DO NOT need to have your own website…

You DO NOT need to have your own mailing list…

You DO NOT need to have any name recognition…

You DO NOT need to have any joint venture partners…

You DO NOT need to have a niche…

You DO NOT need to have extra money to spend on making this



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