Notepad++ – The free text editor

In this video I’ll be showing you the free text editor, Notepad++. I find it’s way better than Notepad. It has a variety of coding languages such as HTML (web page design) and other coding languages you might need it for. Notepad++:

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  • great video! BRAVO

  • i’ve been liking the videos. keep it up. i subscribed.

  • how do you compile in notepad++ (can you)

  • Good Job Buddy!!!!! THANKS.

  • go to Setting -> Preferences -> New Document/Open Save Directory and u have there Default language. Select from there the language u wanna use. 🙂

  • smart kid keep up the good work.

  • Good Job! I under stand Only the half
    well im from Germany but you are good!

  • Theres a computer language called CSS xD

  • I must get that!

    I do DOS, HTML, and PHP and this looks cool.

    (Have you used JEdit?)

  • little kid with a big brain >.> makes me feel bad about myself. i dont even know whats he’s saying. lol


  • Thank. You. So. Much.

  • I used to use Notepad++ on Windows, I recomend it if you are using Windows. It isn’t available on other OSes though, If you fall into that category, use Bluefish 🙂 good video.

  • I do lol

  • Nice video, i didn’t know how to highlight in version 5.5. And now i know, you should select a language first that you are writing in by goint to syntax/letter/language.

  • can you compile and run a program?

  • I think you will need cygwin. My friend say it works but I’ve yet to try

  • lol
    “i-i think its time to switch”
    you sound like a parent telling a kid something
    you rock dude
    you should be and advertiser

  • hey you should learn c++, you can much more and its much more powerful.

  • Thanks!! Very helpful.

  • I’m using it to write code for BASIC. What’s the best way to run the code?

  • well if your going to do batch or html this is perfect but ffor example when you do c++ you usually use a specially designed IDE like Visual Basic, Dev C++ or Code::Blocks. these are designed to work specially with compilers. but anyways, for batch and html this is awesome. oh and for normal writing: microsoft word (no duh) that being said, i still think this is really AWESOME. iim gonna dowload this right away!!!

  • Nice program,but how do i change the fonts.Tnx for sharing anyway

  • Thanks a bunch dude. 5/5 Subscribe also 🙂

  • nice