Notepad++ Tutorial

How to download and install Notepad++ in two minutes. Produced by ken Hood at www.KenHood.net

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  • thanks it worked

  • is this legal?

  • yes this is legal as i use this to make LUA files

  • ty so much

  • uhave a good voice for naritting thank u so much!

  • Hey. About his voice. I play runescape. And i know a player that makes lot of runescape videos. And its like the guy how maked this video is the guy i know! Oh, and bye the way, that runescape player’s name is Excl. Bye bye.

  • so what you tutorial is, is to set up and associate css file with Notepad++.. I thought it was general tutorial about using Notepad++.. great vid anyway

  • Why would it not be legal?

  • I got this program a few months ago and I love it and use it every day.
    It’s so simple but does amazing stuff to write code html C C++ C# java and lets you test run the code. Auto adds headers and labels and sorts by colours.
    And it’s 100% free, what more can you want for the price ? Brilliant.

  • and this is compltely safe to download, right?

  • @goomerite
    the css file isn’t what you think it is. It is another coded file by the user which styles the HTML file. You have to make it.

  • Hello

  • lol…….is it a tutorial or did u just show us how to install an exe file on windows?

  • lol……did you watch the video or did you just commeny?

  • Tutorial: How to install Notepad++, waste of time, what a shame!

  • hey, i’m new to this program, can anyone help with creating a simple text based rpg?

  • @mylocalhosting i do my mc - server with this!