Old PLR From 2005 Still Sells Today! – FREE Video Shows How!

No matter how many times you’ve been told that

you need to “create your own products” to be

successful online, there will be some people who

will just not grasp the concept.


They either think it’s…


a) too hard

b) too time consuming

c) too expensive

d) not worth it

e) or some other excuse..


The truth is, you can still create your own

products but without having to put in all the

unnecessary hard work and time-consuming effort

to produce the results I’m about to show you.


His name is John Thornhill and he has been online

since 1999, which is a long time in terms of

internet marketing so he knows a thing or two when

it comes launching new products from PLR content.


One of his sites (revealed in the video) generated

$1971.97 in 7 days since its launch, with a peak

of $728.83 in a single day and has also built a

list of 246 buying customers.


And that was just in the first 7 days… those

numbers will continue to grow!


In this 12 minute video he’ll reveal to you…


– A live example of how an old out-of-date

product was revamped in something completely new!


– Logging in live into one of his ClickBank accounts

to see the stats just for this product!


– The daily figures of when he launched the PLR

product, where it peaked, and how it will

continue to grow!


– How and why he managed to get 100s of links

pointing back to my site after the initial launch.


– Why other PLR sellers continuously fail because

they forget one important rule.



And did I forget to mention, all this information

is FREE in this need-to-see 12 minute video!


Click Here To Watch The Video Now!



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