Open Source Business Solutions ? How You Can Use Open Source Software to Slash the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Web Presence

Open Source Business Solutions ? How You Can Use Open Source Software to Slash the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Web Presence

In this article I’m going to talk about using Joomla open source business solutions to bring down your total cost of ownership of your web presence in its first year on the internet and within your websites’ lifecycle. Joomla Open source software provides web templates for individuals, web developers and small business owners to build business sites from.  These web templates can be custom made, ready built or designed yourself. Custom made templates can be configured to suit your business needs.


Open source templates are produced by professional web developers and can be acquired absolutely free or for more custom built templates you can pay to join a club or purchase your own template for as little as -. You don’t need to learn website design or HTML, that is all done for you for free.


In my other eBook on DIY Website Design I mentioned that web developers you would pay to design your site, more often than not use open source business solutions themselves and pass the high web developers fees on to you, when the actual design work has been done for free. You can see how using open source business solutions in house become cost effective.


Joomla is the world’s best open source business solution because of its large scale functionality and scalability. Your template will come with build in newsletter, email capture and database capability, and secure back end capability for clients or staff. So you won’t need to purchase expensive software to run a newsletter or mass email campaigns. Joomla also has many fee or cheap plug-ins to run ecommerce solutions, load up shopping cart capability, membership sites, photo galleries, rich media, video streaming and a whole lot more.


Open source business solutions offered by Joomla means you can increase the scale and function of your website without having to pay heavy re-development fees or change your web platform. This dramatically decreases the total cost of ownership of your site at development phase, within your first year and during your websites lifecycle.


Advantages of Open Source Business Solutions

So we talked about the cost benefit of open source business solutions. Other benefits to you are:


1.            You get to keep total control over your site.

2.            You can make changes instantly.

3.            You can upgrade the template of your website at the click of a mouse (saving hugely on redevelopment fees every time you want to change the look of your site)

4.            You can add functionality and scalability without adding extra cost or changing web platforms.

5.            You can change the look of your website within a matter of 30 minutes without paying more web development fees.

6.            You or your admin staff can do it all very easily once you have the basic training.


With so many advantages you wonder why small businesses are not taking up such a cost effective solution. The biggest objections to in-house website creation is time away from core business activities as well as lack of knowledge about how simple making business websites have become.


The latter is very easily solved when you realise the high fees you pay for your web developer are for them searching out your template and pointing and clicking a mouse to configure all the elements. This is something that can be done by you or admin staff with step by step video tutorials that exist to train you as your build your website. So there is very little down time in training.

If you have ever worked with a web developer you know that it is not as easy as handing over everything to them and waiting for a great website to be built. Your time is needed. You need to write the copy or at least the brief for the copy if you pay someone else to do it. You need to put time into collecting the graphics, logos and photos.


This is actually the bulk of the time that is needed to put a website together. The rest is the easy part where you simply copy and paste your material into your site. That doesn’t take time at all – unless you hire a web developer then it seems to take days, weeks and sometimes months.

All the web developer does from there is copy and paste and load up these elements. Remember many of them are no longer designing your site. They are using Open Source Templates and then they just configure it for you and charge you a pretty penny for it.


This is the very technical skill of pointing and clicking a mouse yet you will be charged anything from  – 0 per hour (depending on what country you reside in) for this highly technical skill.


Learn Joomla Fast With Easy to Follow Joomla Video Tutorials.

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