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Article by Jim Hay

Picture this….Learn Photography enhancing softwareI’d like to say that it is a myth that all good web designers need to know photo software after all, we here at the Portland Oregon web designCompany do but…truth be told…all good web designers DO know their photo software and for good reason.

There are a number of photo software programs out on the market that can help you enhance your photos thus enhancing your website. Long gone are the days of point – click – upload. These days to have a competitive website you have to be able to put your best foot forward and this means touching up where needed, cropping in the right area and even splicing photos together to create the photo that you never could have taken.

So does this mean hundreds of dollars in photo software lessons? No, there are thousands of how-to-do it tutorials, just Google or Bing it and bam, you have your very own virtual classroom. There is so much to learn that, if you aren’t careful, you can end up lost in a sea of this is how you do it’s. If you have the time however, the tutorials are good. But what if you don’t have the time? What if you are one of those guys who would really rather just have someone else do it? Does this advice still apply to you…well…yes it does.

The best piece of advice I can give you when searching for a web designer is, make sure that THEY know the photo software. When querying for a web designer most people ask about writing skills and designing skills but never think to mention photo software experience. This isn’t just important; it should be on your top four questions to ask your potential web designer. Today’s website market demands that we convey a personal touch when reaching out to customers. The only way to do this is with real time information and real time photos. For instance, would you order goods from a web site with no photos of their products? Folks like to see what they are getting, right?

So make sure that either you or your new web designers are up on the latest photo software. Your business could depend on it.

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Jim Hay is associated web design firm specializing in Joomla web design that need to rank well in the organic search engines.

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