Pagination and SEO

Google’s Maile Ohye examines the issues webmasters face with paginated content: paginated articles, product category listings, etc. She then explains the options available to those webmasters concerned about SEO, including rel=”next” and rel=”prev” HTML markup.

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  • If you have a pagination, with ajax infinite load, then Google should see the pagination, and browser user would see infinite load.

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  • could this be used to link together similar videos? by using the rel=next and the pointing the href to a similar page so that when users find the original page it will also link that with another page they might be interested in.

  • Great Video! Its something i definitely need to have a look at for our site which has multiple listings. In google results i see “Page 5….” “page 6…” for our categories. im guessing its because google is reading each page separately and not as one category. Back to the drawing board.

  • Lets cut to the chase. What’s the algorithm?

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  • But you asked for a “View all” feature, not a “View 1000”. Even so, 1000 results per page is ridiculous. No regular user would use that, hardly anyone goes beyond the first 10 or 20 results as it is. For non-standard uses, there’s the API and other services.

  • hello; i need to delete my account but Google is not letting me. please help me delete my account. thankyou

  • Thank you for subtitles and very useful informations

  • same here!

  • How does Bing/Yahoo treat this implementation?

  • Thank you, this is really helpful.

  • Thanks Maile Ohye,

    wonderful resources to overcomes pagination & Indexing.

  • Merci Maile Ohye pour cette excellente (et sympathique) vidéo. Thank’s very much for this very useful video !

  • do a research before commenting ? “Sorry, Google does not serve more than 1000 results for any query. (You asked for results starting from 1250.)” this what google says when you change the start var to > 1000 !

  • What about the “Load more” buttons using AJAX techniques to fetch more items? Would like to see a video on that.

  • Not using Chromebooks, eh? 😀

  • You can set it up to 100 results per page. You don’t want 13,000,000 results in a single page.

  • Very handy info video and many thanks to Maile.
    i was very conscious about series pages of my site how they index and showing in search result when they rank. Thanks again to let us clear Google behavior about series pages.


  • i wonder why “google search results” don’t have a view all pages ? if visitors love “view all” pages so “intense” !

  • Thanks Maile – this is very helpful getting a clear understanding of how Google wants us to treat paginated pages. Would these suggestions also apply for paginated pages that list, for example, lawyers in NYC – there is nothing special about these paginated pages other then more listings of lawyers – Perhaps, the best idea for these paginated pages is a norobots tag that read nofollow, index.

  • Nice work, Maile – thanks for making everything so clear and accessible!

  • Too many people get this SOOOO wrong! seeing this video up now was like getting a boat-load of ponies, kittens, puppies and unicorns delivered to my doorstep, because I can no refer back to Maile’s video whenever they argue with me about canonicals and pagination, instead of saying “Maile even says the methods I’m recommending are best practices!” 🙂