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  • total awesomeness!!

  • Well the guy running on water is a fake but everything else seems real to me


  • watch this video with this background music : watch?v=GurdjMw8Va4&feature=

    it’s awesome

  • i like this

  • 563 people aren’t people

  • thumbs up if your randomly searched awsome

  • umilheichom

  • 563 people tried this at home.

  • el video es muy bueno (the movie is a good)

  • that is so scary i would die if i fell in that pool

  • these people are insane

  • lol 16666 comments, but now im 16667

  • thumbs up if 0:50 isnt actually walking on water its walking on whatever is under it


  • @awesomeguy101lol 16669 biotch.

  • best vid on youtube

  • 0:45 Suck on that, Jesus.

  • Fuck me!

  • Wow…

  • 563 justin beaber fans

  • thumbs up if this video is AWESOME:)

  • this was the greatest video ever but still, you cant walk on water :s

  • 3 balls on the head?? and baseballschl√§ger??? xDD WTF?!?! HOW!!

  • all those people who diliked ,tryi doing one of those things