Photoshop Tutorial- Glowing Light Strokes

In this video i am going to teach how to make some glowing strokes in photoshop. im using Photoshop cs2, also if you follow some of the shortcuts you can speed up your workflow! Please comment, rate and subscribe for more tutorials! Check out my site: for more work/tutorials!
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  • backspace* when using the pen reverses the node

  • pen pressure if you havnt yet been told

  • HI
    what video recording software are you using for this ?

  • what is the name of that brush?

  • For these light strokes you can use also “Flame Painter”, it’s absolutely amazing tool for these kind of effects! great tutorial! 🙂

  • man you clicked the pen not the pencil


  • Thnx 

  • use a hairy brush?

  • How do you do it with text?

  • If you’re looking for recording software, search for Debut recording software, its made by NCH, it allows you to record from a webcam, screen, device like a dazzle and so on

  • OMG thanks for this comment. I was having the same problem. I was freaking out thinking I was crazy. LOL.

  • To Work ‘STROKE PATH’ Hit F5 and tick ‘Shape Dynamics’ This will enable the Stroke path option! THUMBS UP!

  • Hey, added you as a friend, sub, thanks

  • What is that brush?
    i cant get that effect same as you.

  • hey where did you get the brush styles like that? i just installed a photoshop so i dont have any styles or strokes like that.

  • tnx man this helped allot

  • Great tutorial man ! you’re the Greatest Keep it up !!!!

  • can you just colorize your stroke only for examble black stroke without the light effect pls respont thx

  • can you use a picture with people in it then do the light glowing strokes or do you half to use differnet layers like you did in your video


  • what brush are you using? could you send me a link to download it from ?


  • This is a brilliant idea, I know now how to use wavy effects in my piece, but if you were to do this with you’re selected brush, you can simplify time by duplicating your layer that you’ve used you’re brush for (use it only once) then box blur you’re duplicated brush, I recommend turning it down to about 5-7, and you will now have a glowing effect 🙂 I shall upload a tutorial about it if I can 🙂