Photoshop Web Design Tutorials

It is a simple website designing tutorial in photoshop (Template designed in the video can be downloaded from the link below). The web template is single page and multipurpose. It will be easy for you to understand the process if you have some basic knowledge on photoshop and web designing. I hope this video will help for the junior web designers.
If you want to learn how to convert this template to simple html, please go and watch my recent video:

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If you want to view and use the template designed in this video, you can download it from the link:

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  • You are just a Fantastic Designer …. 🙂

  • if you don't want cheesy looking sites go here

  • hi bro
    you do more videos likes this

  • In this video, on 10:12 you say hit "something" to apply #cccccc color to selected area. I didn't understand. Can you explain it please because i can't apply color to selected area? Thank you

  • friend u doing so fast

  • Hi Bro. That's a nice work. Can you make a fully functional website? If yes, then please e-mail me at

  • does it work to any screen resolutions or devices if use the same web page size as yours?

  • I am also nepali,u from where

  • Good one.. but do one lecture for the starters who do not work with shortcut keys..

  • Unity icon, are you a game designer?

  • can you make how to put this on website? i mean how to make buttons to interract with and everything?

  • Hello. What should be the size like height and width for design website in Photoshop.

  • Great work

  • really nice and helpful video! thanks a lot for sharing. simple explanation. however, the easiest way to have cool and functional website is to use already made template. have you ever tried TemplateMonster? I'm a big fan of them and I also have a promo code 10%, in case if someone is interested dg25chnso8z1plzo524t0h7uu

  • do the buttons work?

  • Please see the link in the description to download the template designed in the video.