Preparing Pre-Service Teachers … for English Language Learners

Improving Recruitment, Development & Retention Through Effective Pedagogy – Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Integrate Inquiry Science with Language and Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners: An Experimental Study Trish Stoddart – University of California, Santa Cruz Marco Bravo – Santa Clara University Jorge Solis – University of California, Berkeley This presentation describes the findings of a research and development project Integrating Science and Diversity Education funded by the Institute of Education Sciences that integrated the CREDE Five Standards for Effective Pedagogy (CFSEP) into pre-service elementary science education at California State University Stanislaus and San Francisco State University. Researchers conducted an experimental design study to analyze the impact of the CFSEP teacher education program on the developing beliefs and practice of novice teachers. The symposium presents the results of pre- and post-program comparisons of control and experimental group student teacher performance on a science content assessment and attitude surveys. The symposium also presents the results of classroom observations of student teacher science instruction during their student teaching practicum. The findings demonstrate that the CFSEP intervention significantly improved student teachers confidence in teaching science and their knowledge of and ability to implement culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy in their science instruction
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