Professional Web Design: #1 Intro!

My name is John Bilicki III, I’m a Professional Web Designer, and I’d like to share how to do Professional Web Design right the first time for folks interested in learning.
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  • your a web designer but your not a graphic artist nor a programmer?

  • @nevin21 I am a web designer and web developer. I can work with graphics though I am not a self-professed graphic artist. “Programmer” refers to software development which is considered a different entity altogether from web development.

  • you posted this video on 2007.. so are you still using fireworks?

  • oh sorry.. disregard my last reply.. so what is a web designer?

  • hm, i would say you are an web developer.
    what you are doing has nothing to do with design. on the one hand i do not belive you studied something creative. ut on the other hand i have to admid you work around a lot with scripting solutions. i would see you as a programmer. keep speciallized on that and get someone who studied arts. thats professional.
    you cant be everything and you dont need to!

  • great vid. ever tried making your own social networking website?

  • website seems big!

  • What sites have you designed? I haven’t been able to find links to work you’ve done on your site…

  • @sklikizos They tend to be smaller side projects, look my name up on line since links in comments look like spam to YouTube.

  • @fokionzd Design = clientside, development = serverside. Since JavaScript is the verb (XHTML the noun and CSS the adjective language) it’s still considered design even though it could be considered scripting in the sense that PHP is scripting.

  • @jabcreations

    Are you using a mac or windows base to create websites?

    If your using windows base, is windows base like the mac stuff?

  • @MorrWind120 I use XP.

  • @jabcreations

    Thanks. I’ve got few questions I wanted to ask you, but I can not massage you because we are not friends, an the hole entire thing is huge to post here and I wish for you to see it an not any one els.

  • @MorrWind120 Sure, though try to keep it within reason. Just state what your goal is, what you have thought of doing, and why in a short amount of space. I’ll add you as a friend.

  • @jabcreations

    I’ve sent a massage to you, but not to sure if it is a small. But it is short tho.

  • @MorrWind120 It wasn’t short but it’s okay.

  • @jabcreations

    At less I was at the point. An not knowing any one who does the web design for a living so I had to do what I need to do. An if your looking for some one to hire in well you know were to contact me at.

  • @MorrWind120 I’m not hiring anyone for some time and when I do even people with years of experience could easily be NOT a fit. A lot of people do lazy coding and I don’t do lazy coding. Don’t put script elements inside of the body in example, don’t use innerHTML or document.write. You DO want to use XHTML served as application/xhtml+xml…that’s the minimum I’d even consider looking at the rest of someone’s resume when the time comes to hire others and 99.9% of people do the opposite.

  • @jabcreations

    The college I’m going to does teach XHTML, HTML, & CSS. An other areas as well, but not so sure because it only shows what they over. Now if I play by the book I will be going into the XHTML, HTML & CSS class.

  • @MorrWind120 XHTML is not XHTML unless it’s explicitly served as application/xhtml+xml. You can either quickly create an XHTML document by making files with .xhtml extensions instead of .html however the proper way to do that is content-negotiation at the server (e.g. with PHP). You *HAVE* to learn a serverside language such as PHP and a database language such as MySQL to be taken seriously…that is where the real bread and butter is as much fun as the visual parts are.

  • @jabcreations

    Well I wish I could give you the website for the college I will be attending, but sadly that youtube will not put any websites out here. But it does cover PHP, also teaches SQL. But I would have to do more cerdits do so, but I can transfer out to a four year college to do the second half of the

  • @MorrWind120 PM me a link if you want. Learning object oriented PHP is a key thing. Also understanding the politics of things is important (e.g. Oracle’s buyout of Sun greatly reduces the desirability to use MySQL in the long-term database). Learning how and why you need to use JOINs in SQL is critical too.

  • Forgive that please but why john the 3 th ?

  • @arduino7 I am John A. Bilicki III, not Junior, not Senior.

  • i need an internship