PS3 Pro SlideShow Dynamic Theme Tutorial + Free Download

FREE and not for PSN store!!! **Download links** ProSlideShow.zip (needed) – www.mediafire.com Notepad++ (optional) – notepad-plus-plus.org SSX Pro SlideShow theme – Added Soon PS3 Pro SlideShow theme – Added Soon Air Paint Pro SlideShow – Added Soon Say thanks by rate, comment or subscribe 🙂 Have fun and enjoy!
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  • Nice work man :). Almost finished with last and final “Static” coldboot logo revision then Imma want to move into dynamic themes :), Hope you will be there to help :).

  • Thanks man 🙂

    Yes I will help where I’m needed. I may do a technical thread on raf/dynamic themes so those interested can get involved

  • So this where you’ve been aint seen you around much lately guess you been busy with this. Oh and who made the glowball sign i want one :).

  • I made the sign a while back mate 🙂

  • M8 what size images can we use or does it not matter. BTW thanx for links 🙂 gonna try it now.

  • Works great 🙂 just made a theme looks good thanx me olp m8.

  • Awesome work again GlowBall. Thank you for this.

  • Glowball is THE MAN!!!

  • HD size 1920×1080 is recommended but any size image would work, though it would be stretched to 1920×1080 lol

  • @ aztecterrorism & uLtRaMa6nEt1cPS3

    Thanks 🙂

  • works beautiful, the only thing is when i added 7 more backgrounds with the new .raf and changed the code in the xml it doesn’t show them extra 7 in the theme on the ps3, any ideas?

  • If you have followed the tutorial 100% then the PS3 will decide which set of 7 images to use when the XMB loads. To test keep reselecting your theme till u see the second raf 🙂

  • Oh I see, thank you. it should work then because everything was identical, nice work with the whole thing thanks a lot 🙂

  • Can I put more than 7 photos in the slideshow?

  • *error reading image 4* in CMD

  • Are all .jpg’s the same format as in standard and not progressive? are all .jpg’s the same size?

  • Thanks for taking the time to show us how to work this

  • i dont get proslideshow.raf

  • Then you haven’t followed the tutorial 100% man cus my 13 year old bro got it first time lol

  • You can only have 7 images per .raf but you can have many .raf in 1 theme ;)